Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sarah Louise tries...

Ach. As I woke up, I thought, geez, I just told my readers I'm publishing trash and I'm okay with that.

That's not what I meant. Or how I meant it. What I meant was, my goal with this blog is to write every day, and to publish every day. Some days I'm ON, and some days I'm not. What I'm trying to learn is how to still publish on the days that I'm not writing so well. And is it okay to publish drivel? Train wreck paragraphs?

Only connect. (Said E.M. Forster in Howard's End, a book I still haven't read.) But who am I connecting to? And can I connect what I want to write about to what you want to read about? And what will make you comment, with "Me too!" or "I disagree, what about this?"


I just watched the last half hour of "Meet the Press." One of the interesting things they did was show all the blue states and all the pale blue states. Then all the red states and the pink states (well, they called them pale red, but hello, I know what color pale red is.) Then all the "yellow" states, which are the ones up for grabs. It made me think I need to bring back the site meter if I want this blog to be anything but me just writing for me. Because you are out there reading. And while every writer truthfully says, "I wrote the book for me, because it wasn't out there for me to read," every writer also truthfully says, "Thank you for reading my book. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone."

Okay. That big pause of about...a good half hour was me trying to figure out what it is that I love about Badger, taking a trip over to Blackbird (because Badger sent me) and then watching Tom Cruise talk to Matt Lauer about Ritalin on Ask Hairshirt. Gah! Help! Get me out of here! And I'm not going back to link up. And I'm hitting publish and going to go do something else very different right now. Because I'm sorry, Tom Cruise as a person freaks me out. (As an actor, well, I mean, I adore the movie Jerry Maguire.)

Moving. away. from. the. screen.

Author's note: items in bold are items I would have linked to if I weren't about to throw myself off a cliff after watching Tom Cruise say "Matt, you're glib." Okay, not really throw myself off a cliff. But, yes, I'm going to go eat something and take some mind-altering drugs that have been prescribed to me by someone who does understand Ritalin. GAH!!


Helen said...

Good morning! Personally, I enjoy trainwreck paragraphs as much as any other kind. I agree that connecting is good. BTW, has Howards End for free listening. I love librivox! It allows me to multi-task reading and quilting. At my age, my multi-tasking skills are diminishing rapidly, so viva weird paragraphs! How's this for one?

Sarah Louise said...

Helen, thanks, I'll have to look into I love your weird paragraph.



Poppy Buxom said...

I'm blogging every day, too, and sometimes I outright suck.

Maybe more pictures is the answer. blackbird blog is practically a photoblog--could it hurt?

OK, I'm off to find the computer connecting cable thingie.