Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Internets, it's Monday again

At some point, I just started writing.

It doesn't scare away bad dreams: not sure which is scarier, that I spent $40 unknowingly for entree at lunch, so lunch total was $90?? Or that I was registered Libertarian the night before the Primary (closed Primaries in PA--not to dis my Libertarian readers) Or that a dead body came out of a grave and shook me. That woke me up and then I fell back asleep for another hour.

Again, there are no clean forks, spoons, dishes. Food is eaten out of baking pans, forks or spoons are cleaned as the meal does a twirl in the microwave.

But I do have clean underwear.

I wore dresses all last week and not the pedometer, so I have to fudge all my "steps." Probably around 3-4K each day.

There's a phone-in call for TCKs (Third Culture Kids) today at 4pm. Should be interesting. I'm sure some of my angst is related to the 7 TCK issues that will be discussed therein. The handout is a .pdf, my printer isn't working, so maybe I'll share notes later. I haven't done a phone-in call since the year I thought I could get rich quick doing a home business. So glad THAT'S over.

Oh here's something: have you noticed that EVERYONE is giving away free gas cards? Even the local gambling resort is giving away cards every hour. And the home business guys have a new angle: work at home, save gas! No more radio adverts about get a mortgage, hmm. And Exxon has these "intellectual" ads that play during Meet the Press, about how they are doing research for hybrids.

It's 62 (F), so I just turned off the AC and opened a window. But it will be up to 80 (F).

They're talking to Jason Castro from American Idol. This should be good.


Badger said...

I'll take clean underwear over clean silverware any day! Hee!

wilsonian said...

Yep. It's all about the underwear. You're golden.

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks, gals! I feel a little better already!