Sunday, June 15, 2008

"i want a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad..."

(not on the radio right now, but all the other titles I came up with sounded so cheesy.)

This was my first "tweet" of the day: Called dad at 7:50. Had a great and varied chat. He always reminds me that it was I that made it possible for him to be a dad. (Grin.)

Reminder to self: maybe wait 'til a little later so you haven't done the main thing of the day so early.

Because lemme tell you, the "Tribute to Tim Russert" on Meet the Press was not a pick-me-up.

So around 12:45ish, I
tried to get out of my sofa coma, pulled myself back over to the computer, and hit on the perfect thing to do for the rest of the afternoon: See SATC-TM for the second time.

Sigh. It was lovely. And while now that I've read some reviews, I see how the critics might have issues, I still don't. For me, it was a goofy movie with not always the best writing, but with great wardrobe and its heart in the right place. What more could a girl ask for?

Since I had popcorn and a smuggled yogurt for lunch, I am making Pad Thai with Tofu (don't fall over--it's from the healthy foods frozen section.)

In one of my favorite books, On Fortune's Wheel, the heroine meets the hero's grandmother and says, you never told me you had a grandmother. And in time, she understood why--the grandmother was so close to his heart that he didn't have to talk about her. (Note to self: I hope I am someday that way about future husband. Single women, you hear me, right?) And all the cards are so goopy or goofy or just insulting to my intelligence or his. You know I love him, I write about him all the time. He's still here, so there's no need for a tribute.

I am grateful for every day that I have the living love of my dad.

And for all you golf widows, I hope you did something fun like go to a movie or have a gab-fest with your girls. Yep, it's still on.


KitchenKiki said...

Barb went to see SATC while Dad took a nap yesterday. I called while he was trying to nap (oops) got no answer and didn't leave a message so I had to call back later while HP's offspring were doing dishes. (I HAD to get out of kitchen. or he may have had one less offspring)

My Dad seemed to have a quiet day and is going on vacation Tomorrow! to Alaska.

there is an alarm going off down the street and I am having trouble writing. It keeps saying "Burglary!, Burglary! You have entered a restricted area. Authorities are responding. Leave immediately." Joined by sirens. If authorities are responding they are slow. Who ever it was could have cleaned out everything by now!

Sarah Louise said...

What did Delaware?


She wore her New Jersey...

(that middle bit is from Max. Sigh.)

You know, I don't even think I have your dad's new number.