Saturday, June 07, 2008

Summer colds are the worst

Okay, raise your hand if this has happened to you? You're stuffed up, you have a sinus headache, and all you want to do is get cold because it's 90 degrees in your third floor walk up?

Drink hot tea? Eat soup? What are you, daft? But if I don't do some of that soon, I fear I'll be using Kleenex until August, and not just because Big jilted Carrie. (Y'all do know it ends well, though? I didn't, I went into the theater thinking oh, how sad it will be...)

Anyways, clearly I find it more interesting to talk about things besides my health (thank God, right?) because lemme tell you, summer colds are THE WORST.

So pray for me, if you're the praying type. Today I might be on the radio (I'm not clear on this, I'm at least going to watch other librarians be on the Saturday Light Brigade.)

Be outside and wear sunscreen. But not Banana Boat, Badger got a sunburn. Or be inside and stay cool.

Okay, off to the Children's Museum I go. Hopefully I don't get lost.


elena jane said...

i drink cooled lemon tea for summer colds...and take cold ease (or whatever it's called, homeopathic thing)....and i was so glad the movie turned out nice in the end!! :)

hope u feel better soon :)

Amy A. said...

I'm considering if I should see the movie, since I haven't really followed the show, but the trailer looks funny. Maybe I'll just go to a late show by myself this week.

Sorry about your cold. I will send up a prayer for you!

Sarah Louise said...

EJ--thanks! I think I'll make some tea...

Amy A.--the movie isn't for everyone, but I loved it.



cuileann said...

*raises hand* Got a cold when I was in Hawaii even...