Sunday, June 22, 2008

Insomnia, thy name

(Also, I would probably generally post a post like this over in SL gets better, but let's face it, I'm even too tired to do that.)

So, even though Thurs. and Fri. I easily went to bed at 8pm (unwillingly, I might add), Saturday, I didn't nod off until, um, close to 3 AM!! I did finish two more Traveling Pants books during my awake time (and have put #4 on hold.)

I woke up feeling like death warmed over. But it's too bright (hello Summer!), so I'm faced with finding that eye-covery thing (not sure where it is, may know) and ATTEMPTING to sleep some more, (which, let's face it, probably won't happen) or getting up now, drinking some coffee, and bracing myself for a day which should prove to be a good one.

Why is that, SL? I'm getting my hair cut!! (Don't you dare ask "which one?") (Yes, I will post pictures.) (I promise!)

I know part of the insomnia is the intense afternoon spent with my boss and one other co-worker yesterday afternoon, (staying in the same chair pretty much from 1pm to 5pm, with a few bathroom breaks) on the futures of cataloging and Web 2.0.

Another part is that yes, I probably still have a sinus infection. I knew that. I probably still also have an (or both) ear(s) infection, as they were hurting last night to the extent that I took some Tylenol. I'll get a Dr. appointment as early as possible on Monday. Fun. Also, I'm treating myself for a yeast infection (you know, because I've already had two rounds of antibiotics.) Yes, I am buying some cranberry juice today, and a lot of plain yogurt. I know, I know.

But this is how the past coupla weeks have gone: do something, be exhausted, get some food, get some rest, preferably sleep.

This is how it played out yesterday: when I left my boss's house around 5:15, I had to go pee and have dinner. Which I did, at Panera. And sit (and read, finishing Unpredictable) for a long time, before I knew I was rested enough to go across the road to get gas (I realize saving about 18 cents isn't a lot, but there's something a tiny bit giddy about paying 3.97 for 9 gallons instead of 3.99.) So it was 7:15 before I got back on the road again, homeward bound, for a drive of a little over a half hour. Before going home, I walked around the reservoir for 15 minutes, because I hadn't walked since Wednesday and I wanted SOMETHING to show Treadmill lady when I see her on Tuesday.

How did it get to be 9:30 a.m.?

Okay, and since I've been honest with you this entire post, here's what I need help with: dishes. They are ALL dirty, well, except that I did three utensils and three dishes last night when I came home from walking, but um, that doesn't even scratch the surface. So say a prayer if you're the praying type that either:
  • a fairy godmother(s)
  • or all my energy
  • or bits of energy could come to me.
And now I'll go forage for breakfast. Although I could totally lie down for a while. Hmmm.

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KitchenKiki said...

well, if the dishes aren't done, I guess I'm off the hook. I wanted to throw today, but I realized I'm out of clay and I think I need to wait until tomorrow to get some (the tech is off today.)
Then I thought I'd glaze, but I want to spray & the spray booth is locked until the tech is in tomorrow. I should go at least pick up some of my work, but when I saw the tech at a summer bonfire last night, she it didn't turn out that great & I probably need to reglaze & refire. so I'm not looking forward to seeing it. :(

And, while it is only Day One, it feels like Day Two, I don't think I'm looking forward to tomorrow.