Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oprima 7 para Español...

Okay, so I went through telephone tree hell with my student loan company this morning. First, my phone's battery died as I was dialing. So I had to use my cell phone. (I do have another phone that I could have used for landline, but with a 5 person family plan that is mainly used by my sister and me, there are a ton of minutes to use.)

Then I had to figure out how to get through TO A PERSON. Thank God that I know Spanish, because the only way to get through to a person was to hit 7 which promised someone who would speak Spanish. SOMEONE. That's what I needed. So I thought, I can tell them in my limited (now, formerly fluent) Spanish that I want someone in English, por favor. Luckily, I got someone in English. To tell me that an online payment takes 2-3 days to go through. But they'll note on my account that I paid today. GAH!

My bank, USAA, has spoiled me. Most things I do online show up right away. Ugh.


In other news, it took me a day to fall back in love with the new frames I picked out last Monday. Thanks to C, who was the only one who noticed and gave me a huge compliment. C and I are kindred spirits.

Me: "Do you really like them? Because..."
C: "Oh yes! I've been waiting to get new glasses because I didn't want boxy frames, but if those are what's out now..."

It was just what I needed. (And she was THE ONLY PERSON that noticed.)

That was in the afternoon. In the evening, before she left, as I was starting back after lunch,* she said it again. Bless her. Pictures forthcoming, I promise.


Oh, and [squeal] I forgot, I have the next two days OFF! I took them off so I could go down South for my dad's b-day. When I decided not to go, I decided to keep the vacation days, but since I wasn't going anywhere, I promptly forgot about them. So I've sent an email out to all my gals (and Pete) that I'm available for lunch, walks, etc. Hopefully I'll get at least one answer--my IRL friends are a busy bunch and generally need a little more notice than a day to come up with some time.

I'll upload pictures, that will be my vacation gift to you. (And me, I've been meaning to do it foreva!)

But first, I have a promise to keep to myself--walk for 15 minutes.
*a meal break at work is always lunch, whether it is at 10:30 am because you started at 6:30 am, or 5:00 pm because you started at 1 pm. (Or 1:04--I have GOT to be there on time all summer.)

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