Monday, July 10, 2006

Sarah Louise at your service!

This is wierd. I remember when email first started, and the web was still new to me, I thought how cool it would be to have a newsletter that I sent out on a regular basis. Y'know, cuz I'm this fount of wisdom. (No, cause I like to write and I like an audience!)

So last night, as I was brushing my teeth (yes!! and flossing!!) I thought--hey, that's what my blog is! And all of a sudden, I'm getting emails from people who have googled me for info on tailbones (yes, I broke mine in November, read here if you're new.) I'm doing this for me, and all of a sudden it's helping others. Which is the best feeling in the world, let me tell you. So I need to shout out to a few bloggers who have been helps to me lately (and if you're not listed, give yourself a kudo, because just by reading this, you're helping this woman--me--in On and On Anon.)

  • Babs--my inspiration for even ever starting a blog and a dear friend who makes great blueberry pies. She has taught me a lot about friendship on and offline. I am so priveleged that I get to know her and her boys.
  • Lazy Cow--she always says the nicest things and I love both of her blogs. If only Australia weren't so far away...she also loves Trixie Belden.
  • Telfair--who I discovered through Babs. She's moving in a week, from Australia to Michigan (think happy thoughts) and I've been able to share my moving experiences with her and she just connected me with the blog of JoAnna Harris, (see yesterday's post.)
  • Joke--who is a great e-pal. He's going to Disney Land soon, so traveling mercies to him and his fam.

And truly, this is the shortest short version of thank yous. (If you're not on here and you think you should be, it may be because you recently went on vacation and I'm feeling a little snarky. Or it may be that oops, Babs called and there is banana bread coming out of the oven...) So just add yourself in. You know you want to.

Thank you for just reading, for indulging me. Mwah!


PJ said...

Ooh, banana bread!

I always enjoy reading your blog, I've seen the one about Pittsburg too, although I don't remember how I got there.

Oh, say, what do you know about Philly? D will be going to a conference there in August.

Sarah Louise said...

Philly is nice--they have an amazing art museum! I really know little else--it's about 6 hrs West so I rarely go. Oh, there's a zoo, which has nice swan-style paddle boats. I'm not a zoo person, but I LURVE paddle boats.

Joke said...

Deja vu!


Lazy cow said...

Thanks for the lovely compliment :-)

BabelBabe said...

I hope you enjoyed the pie! : )

We (me, Primo et al.) consider it a privilege to be friends with you too. Thank you for yesterday, btw, for being there, and putting up with me, and for bringing me coffee.

We'll hit the pool with the boys someday soon.

Sarah Louise said...

The pie is still uneaten, but believe me, I will truly enjoy it--SOON!