Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bouquets of sharpened pencils...

(from You've Got Mail.)

I often get ideas for posts when I wrant (mix write&rant) at other people's blogs (opb, not opm, which is other people's money).

Why is it that I'm so witty when I'm depressed? Seriously, I'd rather be witty when I'm normal. I'd rather never be depressed. Again. EVER.

But whatever. I'm sure you didn't hop over here to hear me complainin'. But a little more? I HATE SUMMER! No, this is not a "I do not like summer very much." HATE. And yes, because Hate is mixed up in love. If you hate something, it means you give a damn. You might like it, you might love it, but you REALLY hate it. (Shouldn't hate be capitalized?)

Anyways. I'm biding the time before I find out if FOX is going to show Sex and the City at six. I have to go to Staples (folders for 5 cents, dude!) and I seriously need ink in my computer. AND I have a ten dollar coupon for $50 off. How many folders is that? I'm doing crafts for the Union Project's Farmer's Market next Saturday. I'm going to show the kids how you can collage up your folders and how the contact paper helps them last longer!! Thing is, I have no idea how many kids will show up...or if they'll really want to collage. It's sort of a drop by art table. But I get to be under a tent and outside, so that's good...

So, summer. How do I love thee? I love swimming. But the pool opens at 1pm so due to my schedule, the neighborhood pool is a once or twice a week thing. I want to go every day!! But then I don't want to go alone, and if I go alone, I do like four laps and then what? (Because did I mention, our neighborhood pool is Olympic size????)

Let's talk about air conditioning. I hate it.

(let's take a moment--it looks like Fox is wanting to f--k with me, because there's another moneymaking infomercial on.)

Where were we? Air conditioning? I need it, because, hello, I live in a climate that has summer and I live in a third floor walk-up. But I would rather just have the windows open.

And vacations? Why can't we have one week or two (whatever, I'm flexible) when EVERYONE goes on vacation. This summer-long fest of are you here this week? Yes, but Susie's gone. Then she'll be back and then Liza's gone and then Caryn is gone for the entire month of July, but you don't mind, she's just your THERAPIST.

What else? Beaches. I live near not a one. Five hours would be the closest, I think, unless you count lakes and I don't. So I make sure I go to Sandcastle once a summer and suck it up, because I love Pittsburgh otherwise, for the most part. (Especially, yes, the winters!)

And here's the crazy thing. I don't know if it's an hour long infomercial, so I have WJAS on the radio and the TV on mute. But you would think I could remember that shows are half hours and hours, not eleven minutes. I guess I keep hoping Russ Dalby will turn into Carrie Bradshaw...

Where were we? Summer. Yes. I am a children's librarian. Which means the library is dripping with little children. By the way, I bet you want to know howa the stuffed animal sleepover went? FANTASTIC!! FABULOUS! Sooo cute. But I don't want to do that again anytime soon--I am exhausted. I salute all you mothers that throw parties for children regularly. I came home from work (yes, I usually work all Saturday) at 11 and slept until two p.m. Exhausted.

Nope, it's still Mr. Infomercial.

So while everyone is sitting at the pool or going to the beach, I'm inside air conditioning with loads of kids that aren't at the pool or at the beach. Go outside! Play! It's sunny out there!

I long for September, with bouquets of sharpened pencils, everyone doing boring things like work or school, and your regularly scheduled programming.

Ugh. I need a nap. Or a vacation--is it the end of August yet?

Anyways, it's more normal to be depressed in the winter, when there's less sun and all that.

That is all. I'll post pix of the animals soon. I promise. But I'll do it sooner if you ask, and ask nicely. Deal?

Oh, and if you're looking for a good read or listen: Peace Like a River by Leif Engler. Read by Chad Lowe. It is divine. It is a balm in Gilead. I usually do not like books about boys (never could read anything by John Irving) but this is GREAT. Find a review or something. Trust me. You will not be sorry.

Ooooh, oooh--they're giving the location information. Could that mean it's Carrie-time??? Please please please....

Oh, and I'm trying to make nice with my neighbor--I sort of invited her to go to Staples with me. But she was already at the movies when I called so I felt a little crestfallen, which made me aware of my depression and now I'm not sure I want to go shopping for school supplies with my neighbor....

I am so messed up!! (But the bus just got Carrie wet, so I catch yins later!)


Pink Shoes said...

I've been lurking around your blog for a few days, enjoying what I read, wanting to know more about the church you attend.... So, what pulled me out of my hiding? Your love of Peace Like a River. One of my favorite books. Ever.

Badger said...

I have a friend here in Tejas who gets Seasonal Affective Disorder (did I get that right?) in the summer. She HATES the heat and our summers tend to be like the winters in, say, Minnesota. You can't really go outside and do anything, and people become housebound.

It doesn't bother me, but then I'm not much of an outdoorsy person anyhoo.

PJ said...

Go to my blog. I left a little somethin' for you there this morning.

MsCellania said...

May we please see a nice, juicy review of your Event?

We should live in San Francisco, SL. I hate the heat, too. Summers in SF are cool - frequently 60 degrees.

I could not do all you do for children. Seriously. Parenting is much, much easier. Our lovely librarian works her fanny off. She remembers what books the children enjoy, and she kind of sets aside the new ones. She helps the bigger kids use the computers for research, and shows the little ones the learning games. I swear, the woman never sits down.

Joke said...

I'm with Badger on this one. The outdoors is defined as the space between places I'd rather be.


alyssa said...

I can't wait to see pictures from the stuffed animal sleepover! Sorry I didn't have any more ideas for you.

MsCellania said...

I love the outdoors so much we are planning an outdoor kitchen/family room.
You know, when we actually have 2 nickels to rub together.

Carolyn said...

I prefer windows open too. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons weather wise.

Amy said...

Peace Like a River was a wonderful book. You only have one month to go before summer feels "over"!

Mary Poppins said...

Love Love Love Carrie Bradshaw!