Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Someone left the cake out in the rain... (updated)

(Donna Summer)

So, I'm running late to my therapy session, the only one I get for July, b/c of my therapist's vacation schedule. And I call, to let her know I'm running late. Her voice mail box is full. I arrive, do not see her red SUV in the parking lot, and when I get to the office door, it's locked.

I use the ladies room and sit on the front steps of the office building and have a few tears. I call home (ie my parent's house in Virginia, which I still consider "home base,") get the machine. I try to think who else I could call, so I call my friend Kelly. While we're on the phone, Joke texts me, to test out his new phone battery (it died yesterday). While I'm trying to text him back, my mom calls. Grand Central, can I help you?

So I decide that there's a reason it's called Goodwill. Retail Therapy! I did not buy any books, b/c I kept finding ones for other people and this was "me" time. So I bought two dresses, one of which was 50% off (of $4.99--sweet!) and a tulip painting, a purse, and...maybe that's it. I'll post pictures later.

The movie clip that's been playing in my mind is the one from About a Boy, where the kid (Marcus) is about to sing at the talent show. Marcus says, but it will make my mom happy. And Will (Hugh Grant) says, you can't do anything to make your mom happy, she has to do that herself. You have to make yourself happy. Because, having a black belt in worrying, I've forgotten about myself and I have been worrying about my friends. Which I have a tendency to do. And it's not like my friends are all in happy places right now.

And I was allowing myself to shut down until I had my therapy session...which did not happen. So...

But today on my walk, I saw TWO wild turkeys. I'd seen one each day prior (Sunday and Monday), but to see two together, well, it was trés cool. No groundhogs today, but I had an abbreviated walk, since I had the heh-hmm therapy session to go to. I watched four men play doubles tennis for five minutes.

All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. (Julian of Norwich)
No matter what! (Madeleine L'Engle)


Update: my therapist was in Iceland on a Horse trek? (where she had no access to any form of phone or internet etc.. Her plane didn't get into Washington DC until this morning? Anyways, I'll see her Thursday before work. Whateve. I know doctors are people too, but um, as Joke said to me in an email today, "that's like putting a note on the Emergency room door that says, by appointment only." Well, I'll muddle through. And look--I leave work in 1 minute!!


Joke said...

I worry in a similar fashion. The motto being "I ain't got time to bleed."


PJ said...

D says he never has to worry because I worry enough for everybody.

Ooh, have a nice visit with your fam this weekend!

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks, PJ!

alyssa said...

Téah and I will see you tomorrow morning!!

blackbird said...

You ought to charge her.

Carolyn said...

Iceland? Yeesh.