Friday, July 21, 2006

Do you have a problem? (updated)

So, I thought it was just a cute joke, but apparently, if you google it, there is more than one Blogger's Anonymous site. This one is the one I found first, through a Marketing Profs: Daily Fix post on posting frequency.

Save us and preserve us!!

This morning, at 8:13 (I slept through my alarm, again!!!) I awoke. If I boogied, I *could* have made it to work by 9, but I am also visiting the 'rents and sibs this weekend, and had thought, as I went to bed last night, that I would wake up early and finish packing.


So I got up, and did stuff, only to realize I had already packed away (at the bottom of my bag) TODAY'S pharmaceuticals. Um, is that really necessary?

So I did what any self respecting blogger will recognize as avoidance behavior: I logged on. Oh look, two new comments. So I visited yt, who is a very nice lady.

And by the time I'd checked a couple other blogs (posted anything new?) my email box had one from Joke and one from Babs.

I felt better. So I finished packing (throwing objects into bags...) and went downstairs to load the car. The lovely neighbor that gifted me with the swim tag was out, so I called out a thank you and a hello and a I'm going out of town (nothing like yelling that across the street so that EVERYONE knows you'll be out of town for the weekend) and she's like, do you need someone to check your mail?


So I go upstairs, and get an empty shoe box, write a note to my housemates to please put my mail in the box, and it's a good thing, because the charger cord for my cell phone was still on my side table.

Note: in order to pack the second bag, I had to empty the papers I collected in March at the PLA conference into another bag. In order to get the empty shoe box, I had to empty papers I had organized from the piles on my steps.

EGAD, I need a vacation. And a personal home organizer.

Hysterical moment of the week: My dad's computer monitor gave up the ghost while my dad was reading an article about how our President used the s-word (from Editor and Publisher).
Dad was most likely reading the Friedman article. (Except that I just searched it and if it was published today July 21st, it shouldn't be a Times Select--ie pay for the article)

Oh, and my boss is downtown at the National Storytelling Festival--and their website is down. So a woman came in and wanted to know when the national concert would be (it's when storytellers tell stories--it's called a concert.) It wasn't in any of the local paper's listings...I finally did the old fashioned thing--I called the Hilton. One of our veteran librarians said, that's what we did before the Internet.

And today is the Pet Parade. Laura just came in with all her last minute ideas etc. I know next week before the Stuffie's Sleepover I'll be in a similar state. Luckily today all I had to do was remember my glasses and my toothbrush. My sunglasses were already in the car.

Oh, and my car needs to be inspected by the end of the month. Which means next week. When I went to Jiffy Lube they told me all the things I needed, including a new air filter. Which I did not go for, as I now know how to do that on my own!!! (update: Jiffy Lube charges $19.99 installed. Auto Advantage charges $16.99 uninstalled. Midas, however, charges $35.00 installed. I hope I bought the right one. I'll find out at 4, when I go to install it...)

So, off to the auto parts store and then a lunch at the drug store counter. Because who knows what kind of fast food I'll be having on the road for dinner.

Oh, and what is a stuffed animal sleepover: just the animals, no children. More details may be posted later....

All ages. Please register at the Children’s Desk beginning July 7. $1 materials fee.
Why should kids have all the fun? Let your favorite stuffed animal spend the night at the library. Drop off your stuffed animal all day Friday. During their stay, stuffies will play games, make a craft and listen to stories. Library staff will capture it all in photos so that you can share in the fun. Come to the library at 9:30am Saturday for a light breakfast with your stuffed animal.


Carolyn said...

Have a great time!

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks! I hope I bought the right air filter for the car...

Eileen said...

the stuffed animal sleepover has got to be one of the cutest things I've ever heard of... :o) sounds hilariously fun!

Norah's said...

Hey, thanks for the visit and comments today and thanks for a laugh. I really needed that. The sleepover thing..right down my alley.

MsCellania said...

I asked Youngest if he wanted his babies to go sleep at the library. He said "No. They would miss me." Oldest offered up most of his. "But not Zebra. Or DogBert" (a Good Dog Carl sort) Who sleeps on a big cushion beside the bed. "They would be too lonesome." The boys generally thought it was one of the best ideas they had heard of.

SL - I take in the old air filter, after giving it a thorough whacking on the pavement outside the car parts store, to avoid buying the wrong one. Well, I used to. I don't want the boys to see me taking pieces parts out of the engine. They are the type that would be doing it next thing.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah Louise said...

Well see, I didn't want to INSTALL the air filter right then, cuz I was pushing it late on my lunch hour, so I trusted the computer at the auto parts store and voila! It worked. And it wasn't raining when I got out of work, so it took me less than 5 min to change the filter--my mom is SO PROUD. And she told my cousins (whom she was visiting) and *they* had never done such a studly thing. Pardon me while I toot my horn... HONK!!!

MsCellania said...

What's That?
Is that a Helen Reddy song in the background "I am woman!"?!
Yes, it IS!
Go ahead and honk. It's a big deal to accomplish your own vehicle maintenance!
How's the trip so far?

Sarah Louise said...

Nice. I took a nap in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday?? Is that possible? I'm always at work in the middle of the afternoon on Saturdy. AND, the 7-11 here has switched to Coke. I can only hope this is a universal change.