Thursday, July 06, 2006

Random tidbits from the Library world

Do you know your Dewey numbers? There is an actual number for "Advertising by electric signs." It's 659.136. The eiNetwork (our library system in the greater Pittsburgh area) does not own any books in this category.

A Wisconsin mayor should go straight to sainthood, do not stop go, or collect $200. Charles Damaske, mayor of Muskego, Wisconsin, is reducing his salary by half and removing himself from the city's health insurance policy to fund Sunday hours during the school year for Muskego Public Library. From American Libraries Online.

There's an ALA 2006 New Orleans Wiki Site which has blogs and links.

Occasionally the Wall Street Journal online has something interesting. Here's an article about

The ALA website has a page called "Parade of Bookmobiles."

And in other news, I got a haircut. Everyone tells me it looks "youthful" and that I should wear it down instead of putting it up. I don't listen. I don't like hair on my neck. I bet I'll have it bob length or shorter by Christmas. We'll see.


Joke said...

Good for the Mayor! If I were dictator there would be only two things I'd spend money on, and one would be public libraries.


MsCellania said...

I LOVE this mayor! I hope he's not living hand to mouth, though.

Sorry about your elevator experience. It did make great blog fodder - but I wouldn't want to live it.

I'm brain dead. I had something to say but it's GONE. *sigh*

Sarah Louise said...

This mayor I think ran on the ballot of making the job a half time position. Which passed as a referendum in April. And as a half timer, he still makes more than I do as a f/t librarian, so I wouldn't worry about him living hand to mouth.

MsCellania said...

Oh; he slashed his salary in half because he is working half time?!

Never Mind. Although it was great that he earmarked the monetary savings for the library. Is the library receiving it, is what I would want to know. Municipalities have a great way of filching money towards pet projects, and passing it off as costs.

Suse said...

It gives me great pleasure to hear that there is a Dewey no. for 'advertising by electric signs'. Somehow, the world seems a better place with the Dewey system.