Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy (and other expressions of life, late December)

So life is not perfect, there's a news flash.*

BUT...the good stuff:

  • I finally went to the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center. We saw Irish dancing. (Sparkly costumes, fiddles, fancy footwork.) Over Thanksgiving, we were in Philly, where the regional dancing contests were, so I learned a lot from talking to folks, but never saw dancing. For instance, did you know that Irish Dancing is one of the best ways to train in the off season if you play soccer? A woman we met in Philly said her son didn't get the same kind of injuries as his friends b/c of his Irish Dancing. We were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back because it was a popular night for the Millennium, which is free 365 days a year. So I didn't always watch the stage, sometimes I people watched. It was RICH for that. So many different ages, people in dressy, people in jeans, cool shoes, cute children, couples on early dates (you could SO tell they didn't know each other real well yet.) It was fun sitting there trying to figure out people's stories, pointing out neat clothes to my mom, her pointing out neat stuff to me (she was the one that saw the golden colored shoes that were like four inches high).
  • Realizing that my siblings are real Washingtonians, whereas I am a tourist. Going to h.s. in Maryland is so different from going to h.s. in VA--(I was the Maryland child, child of the 'burbs) My sibs went to DC so much more even when they were in h.s. and now that my sister lives in her very own apartment with roommate, she goes out all. the. time. I stay in, spend time with the fam, and am happy to go new places when I go with folks. Sigh. I'm a fuddy-duddy, I guess. And I wish I knew DC as well as my sibs. But I'm a Pittsburgher, and that's pretty cool too. Goal for 2008 (don't laugh) is to go shopping at the Strip. I'm hoping Danielle will take me.
  • My mom gifted me three pairs of pants and a bra! Sweet! And today we went to one of my favorite thrift shops, well, now it is billed as "resale" and they take American Express, but I got a nice sweater for $1 and a sweet twin-set for $16. I worked at Joseph's Coat back in the day--it was a life-saver back when my medical leave pay ran out after my diagnosis in 1998. It was a transition, I worked f/t until I got a holiday job at Fox Books, so I then worked p/t both places and then f/t at Fox Books for the next two years.
  • I got to watch most of the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing. One of my Twitter friends mentioned it, my dad and sister fiddled with the TV, and voila! I still haven't seen the beginning part, but I'm sure it's online somewheres.
  • I got my hairs trimmed today. Little known fact: a manicure is cheaper in Pgh than in DC/VA, but a haircut is cheaper here. (About $10 less.) Pgh manicure: $12 before tip. DC/VA manicure: $25. Pgh haircut including shampoo/blow dry: $30 before tip. DC/VA haircut: $21 before tip.
In other news, I am still reading. I finished Monsoon Summer by Mitali Perkins, WOW. Longer review to follow. I am about halfway through the Audacity of Hope, and about halfway through Is he Mr. Right? Whoa. I am finding all sorts of stuff, and realizing that I am still sort of hung up on the guy I mentioned I was totally over. (Raise your hand if you're surprised.) Because I keep wanting to make him the guy that is right for me. He's in my circle of friends, sort of. He's just a little older than me. He's an interesting conversationalist. He's cute. He's Christian (that's BIG, folks). He's geeky, which I like. Luckily, my therapist realized that I probably need some time to get over him when I announced to her that I was, so I don't feel like gotta rush through all these emotions but it is SOOO frustrating. Do I want a guy with a stable job? YES. Do I want a guy who pays attention to me? YES.

Then you know, the whole FaceBook thing happens--it's almost worse than the alumni magazine, because there you just read about Jane Smith and her great job and three point five children. Here, you can write on her wall and she can write on yours. A college friend is a librarian in the Bronx (read NEW YORK CITY) and about to buy an apartment b/c the economic downturn makes it a good time to do so. Color me all shades of green, except that I love the community I have in Pittsburgh.

My brother needs the computer. So there you go. Much love n'at.

*I stayed in bed way too late this morning. And (sorry tmi) the blood and laundry fest is not my favorite game.

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