Saturday, December 06, 2008

and now, for something completely different...

I am too much in my head. A storyteller, I see my life as a novel, complete with foreshadowing, themes, details...

So I took the night off thinking (as much as that is possible). Because a girl can stay in her head only too long before it blows up.

I did not clear the kitchen counter so that I could reach the microwave. Instead, for dinner, I finished the Trader Joe's layered dip and had some hummus when I was still hungry.

I did not do the mountain of laundry, no I didn't even throw a load. Instead, I moved the dresser that has been in my walk-in closet to the space outside my bathroom. And I reclaimed the space on top of the dresser as an area for my jewelery boxes.

And then, I watched the movie 21. In widescreen, because I've learned that really is the only way to watch movies, even if you have a regular screen TV.

And now, it is time to go to bed. Tomorrow, though technically the Sabbath, I will do some dishes, some laundry, and move the debris off the counter so that I can get to my microwave.

Maybe tomorrow I'll even put my Christmas tree up.

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