Saturday, December 13, 2008

And that was the post that wasn't...

I hit something and just published...wait for it...a blank post. Sorry!

So I'm working on "what am I doing online?"

Now that I'm on FaceBook, and Twitter, and (oh, and Flick r, but I don't have any pictures up, and GoodReads) and and and and and... I've kind of hit some sort of tipping point. When I started blogging, it and email were pretty much the only online things I participated in.

Then there was a lull, when blogging changed, and it was less the community, partially because things changed, shifted, but also because there were so many more blogs. Which is not a bad thing, but just harder to keep up the "community feel."

And I've gotten to the point where I want more face to face, or at least voice to voice, the "repopulation" of my life, as it were.

So I took a bunch of links off my blog roll today. I can't get into the "Blogrolling" one, they're having issues. Interesting, as I did housekeeping, how some of the links were gone, or password protected now.

Through Twitter, I have started following Rosa Say. She just finished a 90 day experiment of spending less time online. I think I'd like to try something like that. But I sort of feel like St. Augustin saying he'd like to try celibacy, but not yet.

Writing about it is a first step, as was taking some of the glut on my blog rolls. Even though I can get most blogs via my Google Reader, I really prefer to click on the blog's link on my blog. I miss so much color when I just read the posts on a white background, and I don't get the feel of the blog...and then if I don't read that day's post, they stack up like weeks of unread newspapers. I don't want to be a pack rat online too!

So, since I only have 4 people to shop for, and most of that shopping is done, and I don't have to do much holiday prep (it's the single life--don't envy me unless you want to hand over your life of children and husbands) maybe this will be my advent project.

Well, it's 12:58 and my replacement should be here shortly. LUNCH!!

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cuileann said...

Yes, I understand, I think. I wonder about myself when I realize "what an active internet life" I have, to quote my friend. Two message boards, flickr, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, email, and Myspace for Readergirlz stuff. It's odd how I can enjoy internetting so much (obviously) and yet also love my internet-less times...which are probably better for me. Maybe I should try a break in the next couple months.