Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vocal Warm-ups On A Cloudy Day

What is blogging if not stealing content so more people can enjoy a chortle? My cuz Kiki emailed this to me and also posted it on her blog. I was over there commenting this morning, and the title to this post grabbed me so much. It is now one of my favorite movies, me, who resists seeing old movies. I have now seen The Philadelphia Story, The Women (so much better in b&w than the recent re-do), and title movie. I always loved Roman Holiday because it was one of my mother's favorites. My mother who will leave nothing behind because she truly is one of the most private people I know, sometimes shares tidbits. And generally if she says it's good, I like it just because she did (see earlier story about why I like Reuben samwiches.)

So without further ado, the Woot.com guess which Musical this is.

  1. Kate, We Haven’t Been Introduced
  2. Bar Mitzvah of La Mancha
  3. Sand And Primer Your Wagon
  4. A Chorus Dot
  5. Fiddler Borrows A Ladder
  6. Little Business Plan of Horrors
  7. A Star's Mom Allows A Handsome Stranger To Buy Her A Drink
  8. Indian Territory!
  9. The Guy Who Is A Little Intense But Keeps To Himself And Isn’t Really Bothering Anyone Of The Opera
  10. Annie There’s A Waiting Period
  11. Kittens
  12. Brand New Acquaintance Joey
  13. Handshake Of The Spider Woman
  14. Jesus Christ Waiter
  15. Starlight Right-of-Way Allocation And Environmental Impact Study
  16. Vocal Warm-ups On A Cloudy Day
  17. West Side Backstory
Go to their site, the comments have a cheat sheet, plus made up ones by readers. Much fun was had by all, pass it on!

If I didn't have to rush off to work, I'd link this up, but y'all know how to use Google, so go to it.


KitchenKiki said...

I love Roman Holiday. I just saw it for the first time last month. After we returned.

Sarah Louise said...

Oh, wow, yes, that would be VERY cool. I can't remember if Mom has been to Rome. I bet she has. She's even been to Africa. (She holds that over my dad, since it's the one continent he's never been on.) Hee.