Thursday, December 11, 2008


I always hated the game "truth or dare." Because it seemed to me it wasn't truth they were going after, but something to titillate. So the whole time I was writing that list you see below, I was thinking, ooh, what if you knew this about me, what would you think? And that's not honesty. That's shock value. That's "you'd be surprised to know that..."

I just had to get that out, first thought of the morning n'at. It was my last thought as I fell asleep, too. The dreams I had in between? Bizarre.

Okay, as you were. This day can go on now.

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bobbie said...

isn't it funny - after i wrote mine - just a blather hop from topic to topic in my ADD world I panicked and went "what will people think" GASP - and then I realized, damn, I blog about sexual addiction, do I really think that any of that will be shocking to them? Silly me. (silly you too!)