Thursday, January 01, 2009

While you were sleeping...and other thoughts about the new year

So, um, I almost slept through the change of 2008 to 2009. Thanks to my parents, I woke up for a few minutes. My fun parents, who had no plans came up with a great plan: dinner at a fun restaurant and then the Bollywood movie, Slumlord Millionaire.

Their daughter came home, after driving almost an hour in snow, driving out of her normal route to avoid hills that she normally drives so that she wouldn't slip slide away. She swept the front walk, salted the steps, and prepared a Trader Joe's microwave dinner. She ate chips and salsa while waiting for the dinner to finish its 5 minute rotation.

She started to watch Frasier, got bored, turned off the TV, read some more of Frank Schaeffer's book Crazy for God, and decided to take a nap.

Um. Well, see, I thought about the parties I'd been to this season. Where I was glad to be invited, where I showed up later on pictures on FaceBook, where I talked to people about their children, their spouses, their engagement rings, and where I wondered how early I could slip away.

And so I decided to not get up from my nap.

Fortunately, Cuileann drank my champagne. And Bruce Reyes-Chow, the moderator of the Presbyterian Church, gave me my first laugh of the morning. Those Californians, gotta love them.

This is NOT a very exciting post. In fact, it's almost un-publishable. But the point is that 2009 is the year I want to break out of the mediocrity that weighs me down. That doesn't mean I won't have my moments. We all have them, it's just that some people hide them better. (Um, not that hiding them is always the best way to deal with moments.)

My blogroll is alphabetical (which makes me think that I should rename this blog Aaaaaaaaa blog by a girl named Sarah Louise) so one of the first ones I read this morning was Amy, at Eliza Jane. She says it better than I could, as she ponders the beautiful people.

Okay. Painful as it is, I'm going to hit publish. To remind myself of what 2009 is NOT going to be about.

And I'm going to sit here in my pj's and watch the Rose Bowl Parade.


KitchenKiki said...

Have a Happy New Year! HP has a cold so he was hacking in the new year. Can't sleep through it in our neighborhood. Obnoxious children started screaming at 11:45 and continued until 12:30. And we won't discuss the noise that woke me up at 3:30 (I'm trying to pretend it wasn't gunshots; it wasn't followed by sirens, so I guess I don't have to worry)

daysgoby said...

My mother asked me if I had the kids outside beating on pots and pans at midnight.


Yes, because THAT'S what I want my kids to remember- the year Mama made them stay up REALLY late and then spent ALL THAT TIME explaining everything to the nice policeman.
I have grumpy neighbors. So we shot off fireworks at seven pm in the snow and booted them off to bed.

I predict wondrous things from you this year, Sary Louise.

Sarah Louise said...

@kiki hope HP feels better. Can't they move that bar? (But I lurve your house.)

@daysgoby I love the thought of sparklers in the snow. When the 'rents woke me up, there were fireworks going off (that I could hear.) Thanks for your wishes. Today is not a good indication, I'm STILL in my jammies. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.