Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"Birthday singers ready?"

(My father, as he would dial the phone number of an unsuspecting relative whose birthday it was.)

A tradition at the Louise household, well, when we were all at home, at least, was on birthdays to get in front of the phone and sing. The person would pick up and if it wasn't them, we'd ask for the "birthday boy or girl" and then start to sing "Happy Birthday to you." I've called two friends in the past 24 hours (I seem to have a lot of friends with birthdays right now) and haven't done it. I guess you need more than one "birthday singer."

I need to grab some grits (as if) (but doesn't that sound great?) (more like TJ's waffles) and get out the door, but I still have a few minutes.

So yesterday, I was telling you stories about my car and my travels and how writing is what I do. This morning, I awoke to three more comments, one from Badger (thanks, doll!) one from someone who has a Google alert to "Berkeley Springs," and one on a post I wrote ages ago, about this fabulous book (you've read it by now, right?) Welcome to Eudora. She has a new one coming out in the spring, so you better get hopping on the reading, I know you have less time to read now that you're off "elfing" as Mrs. X. would say.

I gotta go. Be good!

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KitchenKiki said...

what's wrong with grits? some butter, some pepper & you are set