Friday, February 08, 2008

to xp we go...

"Why do you want to upgrade to XP?" asked one of the Sallys I work with.
"Because my computer currently runs on Me."

So tomorrow morning, I will dismantle my computer and take it to NH Sally's, where her hubby has generously agreed to wipe it and then install XP. Woot!

What this means is I will be without my computer... (read: without that thing that seems constantly connected to the edges of my fingertips...) But my fambly sans Bro will be here, so I'll be sufficiently entertained...

I'm tired. The stress test went well, apparently I did well. I'll get the results when I meet with the woman who is administering the study. The teleconference It was good to see CLP Main, and say hello to a woman I worked with when I did my internship there in Library School. (CLP Main is Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Oakland Branch, which is the main branch, connected to the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History.)

Then I went to work, worked, went to dinner, came back for an hour, and then went to Targét. Where I paid my bill and promptly spent almost as much as I'd just paid by getting laundry detergent and the soundtrack to Juno.

I think I need a lay down. I'll see you in a few days, unless I blog tomorrow. Oh, AND, I get to meet the Babelbaby tomorrow, woot!

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