Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Sunday morning...

So, it's your favorite (or not so favorite) thirty-something moderately depressed blogger.

tap, tap, is this thing on?

I wake up, knowing it must be light outside because the covers are over my head and it's bright, even under the covers.

Knowing it's not the best route to better mental health, I come to check my email. Ah, Facebook has Valentine's Cards. You know, I knew that already. Oh, and my Verizon bill is online. Thanks. Isn't that more of a "Monday morning" email? This electronic life takes away "days of the week, time of day."

And that was over 2 hours ago.

Since then, I have visited Babs, who is still blogging with a bun in the oven (she's still the mother of 3+1), Daysgoby (who won an award, twice!), and Badger, whose daughter talks mile-a-minute when she's happy. I wasn't able to be chipper about this, since it reminded me of what I'm like when I'm manic. (I'm not saying she's manic.) (I am WAY too in my head these days. It creates problems.) I posted a comment in response to someone's comment and browsed old posts on my other blog and went over to Newlywifed, who promises this will be the last post about breastfeeding. I don't comment.

I decide it's about time to eat something, so I have a breakfast drink, and decide to find a movie to watch this afternoon. We're having a "community meeting about covenant membership" at the OD at 4, so I have to go an early show. Sis has been trying to get to Atonement and I thought, yes, that's what I'll go see. Until I read the review on Yahoo! Movies and a few user reviews. Plus, the movie is 2 hours I moved on. There will be Blood, no. First Sunday, no. I must have gone through all the movies that are on tap at my favorite movie house (I've seen 3, 1 is horror, 1 is Rambo, No!, two are the ones I just vetoed...) So I move on.

Persepolis catches my eye. So I click on it, read the review, read some user reviews (wowsa, there are some angry folks!), go to CT Movies, go to Rotten Tomatoes. So At 12:35 I'll be at the Manor on Murray Ave. It's 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so I'll have to get there early enough to spend ten minutes getting my key out of the ignition since Squirrel Hill isn't too far away but too far to walk and Sunday buses are notoriously slow and infrequent. Hmm, maybe I'll get lunch at Gullifties and maybe I'll go to Fox Books...

So at 10:44, I think, hmm, I could take a shower and give myself a book budget and go browse in a bookstore. When was the last time I did THAT? (For a librarian, it's a bit of a busman's holiday.) And I could have lunch at Brueggers, which would be cheaper than Gullifties. Oooh, and I could go get Winter White Chocolate at 31 Flavas...

It's been awhile since I've gone on a date with me and my city. (Hopefully I'll do better than Carrie in Anchor's Away) Yesterday as we walked out of work (we all walk out together when the library closes at 5 on Saturdays), someone said, Spring is coming and I said, "there's no rush..." and so someone and I had a conversation about how I have no family ties in Pittsburgh, if I didn't like the weather, I could get a job somewhere warmer.

Because the weather is one of the things I like about this crazy town. I know. (I'm a winter girl--which makes me miss Max, who is too. He likes how you can see further in the winter because the leaves are gone.) (Um, Max is a winter boy.)

Lent starts on Wednesday--I can hardly believe it! Which means Easter is egad! In March! So I better start planning my trip to South Carolina...

And since now my brain is about to explode and the movie is about an hour and a half away, I think I'll go take that shower.

Thanks for tuning in. (Or not.)

Books I'm reading:

  • Blink by Malcolm Gladwell--for the library's book group Tuesday. It's a re-read for me. (It's NOT self help, even though the subtitle makes it sound like it is.)
  • 3 Weddings and a Giggle (finished the first novella last night.) (Also a re-read)
  • Prayer: does it make any difference? by Phillip Yancey. Phil is always so DOWN TO EARTH. I like that he's also a little grumpy.
  • Getting Dumped...and getting over it. (this was a discard at our library and it caught my eye in the recycling bin. I read through it before bed and it was quite insightful. I underlined it like crazy, took quizzes and realized I'm NOT ready to talk to Max yet. I'll be re-reading this.)
Well, off to wash hair n'at.


Katy said...

Good morning, SL! Let me/us know how Persepolis was for you. Enjoy Fox Books.

Thanks for the phrase "busman's holiday." Now I can use it when explaining to people why I don't like Halloween.

elena jane said...

ahhh, someone else who says "busman's holiday"....