Friday, February 29, 2008

the extra day...

Every four years someone has today as their birthday...I wonder if one of my readers has a birthday? (I just thought of that, and I thought, oh, now what would I give as a prize/gift?) But hey, I REALLY need to go to the post office, so why not. If today is your birthday, send me your email in the comments (I'll delete it so your email isn't on the blogospere too long) and I'll send you a gift. (But this is only if you read this on today...I know, I'm mean!)

In other thoughts, interesting how right now leap day always falls on a presidential election day. Is it an extra day to campaign? Or an extra day to wonder who we'll vote for? (No political comments, please, this is a neutral blog.)

In other news, on Wednesday, Pittsburgh lost an icon, Myron Cope. If you don't know who that is, google it, you'll find a ton of tributes. Yoi, double yoi! (He was the man who "invented" the Terrible Towel, and even cooler, all his proceeds for the Towel and other stuff he did goes to a school that helps autistic kids because his son is severely autistic. What I think is the coolest is that we never heard a peep about this before he died, the whole let your right hand not know the good your left hand is doing, etc.)

(I'm not linking it up because a lot of times if you link to something big like that, it traces you back...Sarah Louise is blogging about Myron...and while I know I have more than 3 readers, I don't especially feel the need to reach outside my audience to raging Steelers fans.) (Not you, silly!)

Well, I'm off to the big "Catch the reading bug" training, first of two. They'll be identical except for the venue and the caterers and the participants. I have six minutes to talk about the S*tuffed A*nimal S*leepover. I typed something up last night and it took *two* minutes to read. I'll ask for questions.

The cookies are still unopened. I've been too busy!

Oh, and I have a date for the "I-totally-forgot-and-so-did-NH-Sally-Anne-Lamott-event" tomorrow night. My boss originally bought the two tickets, one for me, one for Max. Sally was my next "date," she even took one of AL's books on her vackay. But her other half has something going on. She said, those folks that have birthdays on the first two days of the month never get cards from me--which is totally what happened, I was SO focused on February that I totally forgot about March 1.

15 minutes til my departure. Maybe I should try to dry my hair a little more and find out exactly how cold it is out there.


Sarah O. said...

As a kid, I LOVED Myron Cope and his Lower Squirrel Hill accent. I feel the urge to honor him with a wave of my Terrible Towel and shout Double yoi!

Mig said...

Most impressed the cookies are still in tack.

My Birthday was the 17th does that count?