Monday, February 04, 2008

Just another day in Paradise...

  • I paid the phone bill this morning. I had to check something in my wallet, and in so doing, I put my wallet in the purse I'm NOT currently using. So when it came to pay for lunch, I was flabbergasted! Good thing Sally covered me. I'll pay her back tomorrow. I was so grateful when I got home to find my wallet, because of course I didn't remember putting it in the wrong purse. (Talk about an adrenoline rush...)
  • The lawyer appt. for this evening? (About starting to pursue figuring out what to do with my car?) They called around 2 pm and postponed til next Wednesday. (But after all the adrenoline from the wallet and other earlier dramas, I was relieved.)
  • Wednesday the car guy is going to do a couple minor things to my car--like lubricate my ignition, spray something so my shift won't lock in cold weather, and condition my steering rack. Basically stuff that will make my life nicer and safer. When I say the car guy, I'm talking about the guy who diagnosed my car as a not so great find.
  • Did you know Easter is in MARCH? As in the week BEFORE I go off to the Public Library Association Conference in Minneapolis? So I might be in Pittsburgh for Easter after all. (I was hoping to spend it with my mom's side of the family in Myrtle Beach.)
  • My parents are coming this weekend!! They may bring Sis!!
  • The following weekend I may be going to Chicago!! To see Katy and go ice skating!!
  • It's 8:30 and I am ready to crash into bed. Well, I do have to finish Blink for the book club tomorrow night, maybe I'll just brush my teeth and read in bed.

Oh, and guess who went for a walk this morning? I am SO out of shape. But it did me good to be out in the air.

Oh, and guess whose water broke during the SuperBowl? (Not mine, silly.) We may be having another bloggy baby right now or we might already have one...congrats to the Babe family!!


Badger said...

That is totally something I would do, with the wallet in the wrong purse! Someday I will buy ONE purse that goes with EVERYTHING and I will just keep it all in there, all the time. But not today.

Katy said...

I sure hope that you get to come and visit.

KitchenKiki said...

Gee, the closest I come to travel plans is going to the studio. And, it is hard to go if the weather is bad.
Chicago sounds like fun! Minneapolis in April sounds cold, but they are used to it (dontchaNo)
Myrtle Beach sounds good too.

Maybe I'll go somewhere when HP goes to Phoenix next week.

elena jane said...

i hate having more than one purse in the same area, something important gets left out and that agonising feeling. glad you found your wallet.
enjoy your weekend family visit :)