Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In which SL has a snow day from Bible Study...

Well, it was really snowy in the South Hills, so E cancelled Bible Study. I had a 9 am appointment to get an armband (it's for the exercise study). So I came home and threw some laundry, which is probably ready to be flipped.

It was not so snowy here or anywhere else, but nice to have some extra time.

In which I have:

  • started soaking some dishes
  • laundry (see above)
  • started loading library books into bag to take back but then realized that I wanted to record them, so stopped that. I might take them in and then scan them, as at work I can scan the barcodes into Library Thing and that might be quicker.
  • caught up on Badger's blog (she's started thrift shopping AND sewing!)
So basically, nothing here. I will do a "SL went to Chicago" post one of these days but not now. Oh, and today I'll start using my flash drive, yo! The one I got not last Christmas but the year before that...

Oh, and I now am the proud owner of a twin box and mattress set. I'm looking for a day bed frame if you know of one, cheap or free. (We'll soon be getting rid of the sofa, I'll find an earring and probably some other stuff.) I'm thinking that it would be good to do this in March if possible, but that may not happen.

No news on the car front except that the lawyer can't help me b/c I signed an "As-is" contract. Doh! My therapist kindly said, anyone could have done what you did in your circumstances. I thanked her for that, because the lawyer made me cry when he said, "You look like a smart woman, why did you buy this car?" BECAUSE I WAS BLINDSIGHTED, you dufus.

Moving on. Better flip that laundry.

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