Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fun at blogs! (and listening to the radio)

Every once in a while, I do look at my dashboard for more than "view blog" or "new post." Today I discovered the Shoebox greetings blog in the "Blogs of note." This post on the latest news is spot on!

Am listening to the "Movie Mom" on the radio and there's some new Jack Black movie coming out about two guys at a video store who accidentally erase all the flix and so have to remake the movies, starting with Ghostbusters and Robocop. Hmmm, I do like Jack Black.

Ooh, and on the Movie Mom's website, found this cool quiz on movie quotes, and found out why "I drink your milkshake! I drink it up" is appearing on t-shirts.

The Fonz is in town and is ready to go to the "O"! It's going to be a mini-reunion (not at the "O," at the convention center, silly.) Cindy Williams will be there!

I should be having breakfast with Pete this morning--well, coffee. I probably can't go without food until 10. I was considering walking until I heard the wind chill is 3. But then again, my car won't like driving that short of a distance (the Union Project) if it's that cold. Hmm.

Oh, what else was I gonna tell ya? I forgot. Oh well.

Oh--the shirt I thought the washer ate might have been stuck to the dryer wall--I found it. It still sort of fits. It definitely requires layering though.

Oh, and props to the folks that filled in some potholes in Highland Park recently. In February? I'm impressed! Usually it's May before that happens...

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