Tuesday, February 26, 2008

spoke too soon

Um, yeah.

So remember about February being great?

Yah, my therapist is leaving the practice at the end of March, I've been in "stalled" mode for the past coupla days...whine whine whine.

BUT...yesterday's weed-a-pa-looza (my friend Kelley organized some of us librarians to help another library weed its collection) was super fun.

And Juno won for best screenplay at the Oscars.

And my momma's back from Mexico.

And if I don't wrap this up, I'll be late to work. But it's been a while, I just wanted to shout out to my three readers (hee!)




Mig said...


I resemble that remark!


KitchenKiki said...

Good Luck on the therapist search, I know the last one wasn't easy!

Did Momma have fun? How is Pop's humorous?

Sarah Louise said...

Momma had fun, Pop's humorous is healing well.

Mig, who are you???

peace out,


Amy A. said...


Looks like I'm numba three.

Mig said...

SL, it's ME. Sneaky. Hiding in Ob.

I had to become Mig and block my profile. (not tracable that way)

I'm at pleadingthefifth86.blogspot.com. Come visit!

Sarah Louise said...


I thought it was you from the first, but I just wanted to make sure, you know. And now I know where you are hiding!