Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pittsburgh weather n'at

So we had two days of 60 degree weather and now we're back to the 30s. This is why I live here. The days of 60 degrees are a welcome reminder that warmer weather is not a figment, more will come, but the return to 30 degrees is the return to normalcy.

I wonder if you can transfer that to relationships, she says capriciously. I, 36 year old Christian woman, for 6 months dated a 28 year old agnostic man. And then the weather returned to normal again. The six months were like those two days of 60 degrees. You knew it didn't fit, but it was lovely.

The only problem with this metaphor is that while I enjoyed the days of 60 degrees, I was glad to go back to 30 degrees because, hello, it's winter! But, I do know many Pittsburghers who say, oh, I wish it would stay warm. And to them, I think, um, move to Georgia. (Which most of them never will, their whole families and lives are here in the Burgh.)

I'm just rambling, playing around with words...

I'm reading Phillip Yancey's book, Prayer: does it make any difference? and LOVING IT. The thing I love about Phil (can I call you Phil?) is that he is so grumpy and NORMAL. He says all the things you've thought about prayer (why don't you answer me God) and really looks at what the Bible has to say about it (so many of the Psalms are really passionate and angry). I never read a Yancey book and think, oh, this man is so super-spiritual, he has no idea what it's like to live MY life. In this book, there are sidebars of stories from Christians and what their experiences are and one of the ones I just read was from a single woman who is probably about my age, asking the same questions I do about singleness. (Well, it doesn't sound like she just came off a six month relationship, but the other stuff.) So I am reading this book like it's a novel, knowing that I'll be buying a copy soon, so I can underline it like crazy.

Oh...Max said he never knew someone to annotate as much as I. Gosh he's a cool person, I hope we can someday be friends again. Maybe it's that waiting for when the weather is supposed to be 60 degrees.

I recently found an ex on Facebook, one of the ones I did stay friends with. It's good to have him as a FB friend.

Okay, enough blathering. Time to eat some breakfast and wash my hair--Sally is coming to help me tackle the Abyss (the nickname for my walk-in closet.)



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