Sunday, February 24, 2008

A great February

Months that are hard for depressives:
  • October. I had a pretty good one until I totaled my car.
  • December. I had a nasty one, getting over the break-up, PLUS all the Christmas stuff
  • February. Valentine's Day n'at, even though I pretty much like V-Day, but the winter blahs...

Except that this year:

  • two weekends ago, my parents came up, so I took Saturday off and while I was being hostess, my computer was getting XPified.
  • last weekend I went to Chicago, which was so wonderful to just GET OUTTA TOWN.
  • this weekend I have two birthday parties--one was tonight (Saturday) and one is tomorow (Sunday). The Sunday one was rescheduled, so I can go, I otherwise couldn't b/c it was during work hours.
Someday soon I'll get my computer and my camera to communicate again, I promise.

Mama came home from Mexico today, but I haven't talked to her b/c the invite for the party said 6:15 (even though everyone else thought it said 7, even the folks whose house it was at...I got there at 6:45...)

I'm sure I had something brilliant to say, but I'm too tired, and it's already tomorrow on the East Coast.




Caro said...

Is Chicago fun? I'd like to see it someday.

elena jane said...

loved the pic you linked to from chicago!! :)

my mom always hated february, i'll be glad when it's done too.