Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just when I was about to do a really meaty post about Dewey Decimal Classification...

...I stumbled onto this article. How, you might ask, did I go from my work email (a Publisher's weekly newsletter) to a New York Magazine article about Sex and the City?

Easy--PW blog post about Dumbledore's sexual orientation announcement to
NYM list of other characters whose outing wouldn't surprise to
NYM list of characters who need to die to
NYM Article about Mr. Big to
NYM Article about SATC movie.

Talk amongst yourselves. I'll come back and dissect the article about SATC later.

I have bits of things to blog about running around in my head, like the t-shirt I saw today at Mother Goose (on a 2 year old): "I still live at home with my parents." A few weeks ago I saw one that said "The tiara makes me taller."

A book I checked out today: Pass it down: 5 picturebook families make their mark by Leonard Marcus, children's lit researcher extraordinaire. (will link later.)

Our dept. won the 5th annual pumpkin decorating contest!! Which means we get free lunch at our restaurant of choice. I think it will be Red Lobster. The theme was Wizard of Oz.

Of course, there are other things, like I keep walking up to other blue cars, and realizing they are not my rental.

And my folks are going to help pay for the rental which makes me a little less in the category of abject and on the way to the poorhouse and needing to buy a car, any car, today or tomorrow. Max said, it's a luxury to have parents that can help out. Yes, I said, and I'm glad we both have that luxury. He's off to visit the folks for a few days. I'll miss him, but I'm going ice skating Saturday night, cuz he won't go with me, so I'll go by myself. You're invited, btw, details are here (link this later.)

Also have been working on the evite for my birthday party. I am an end of November baby, but anyone that is born between Nov 10 and January 15 or so can attest, birthdays are often Birthday-Christmas celebrations. So I celebrate all of November, as much as I can get away with.

As soon as I hit publish, I know I'll remember something else I was meaning to mention, something about...

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