Friday, October 12, 2007

Goobley Gook, Goobley Gook, Goobley Gook

Sorry, couldn't think of a title.

Last night, around 6ish, I was in a car accident.

Yes, I'm fine, no, I don't know if my car is going to be.
No, I'm not going to give you more details than that. (I did consider a picture, but it would be too depressing.)
Oh, I will answer the one question everyone asked that seemed to be important: did the airbags deploy? No.

But guess what? I had my car towed to the one place I know, and I just called them (it's 7:40 in the morning here) to let them know that I'd also dropped the key, and they said, "I don't know what we can do about it, you'll probably have to have it go to an auto body shop." Fun. (In the NH, there are so many places that my tow truck driver didn't have any suggestions. Neither did my insurance give me a place.)

NH Sally came to where my beautiful car was and waited with me for the tow truck to arrive. She helped me take stuff out of my car (now I know why I scarfed up those two nice boxes with tops and handles last week--they were empty on the back seat and worked great for the accumulation of dishes and books in my back and front seats.) Sally even found a missing library book, yay!

I even had enough prescense of mind to eject my latest audio tome, Gilead. I was on disc 7 of disc 7.

So NH Sally and Max have met, which they both had wanted, but of course not the circumstances...and Max and I shared two plates of nachos with salsa and cheese (comfort food) before I sent him downstairs so I could sleep.

So today, Max will take me to work, I will try to get a rental, NH Sally can drive me at least into Oakland when I'm done work, as she has a meeting to attend, and I can walk to the Presbymergent conference this evening, b/c I live 5 safe-to-walk-at-night blocks from the seminary.

If I can't get a rental right away, there will probably be all manner of me sleeping in the North Hills Friday night (either at Marian's or NH Sally's) as I do work on Saturday, and so does Max.

And the cell phone and the regular phone will be much used.

The irony here is that my accident occured very near an auto body shop, so I could have nixed on the Triple A tow and left it there. But you know, when your brain is running on adrenoline, and the officer at the scene offers to call Triple A for you, you say yes.

And now I'm off to pack an overnight bag, in case I need it for later. Kisses to you all.


Eileen said...

oh no! you and Max might be bad car luck to each other! :o)

I hope you are mentally ok (since you said you were physically ok)... and I know you don't want to explain details, but I am nebby and interested if you want to discuss it tonight or something at the conference... :o)

Sarah Louise said...

No, I think now Max and I are even (because keeping score is the key to any healthy relationship.)

I'm mentally okay, but shook up. UGH.



Okay, time to put (in NH Sally's words) my big girl panties on and go to work.

Badger said...

YIKES! So glad you are okay. Sorry about the car, though.

Ugh, indeed!

wilsonian said...

So glad to hear that you weren't hurt!

KitchenKiki said...

I'm glad to hear you are ok! I almost called you earlier (before I read this), but I have a headache and didn't feel real chatty. I just thought hmmm, I should cal SL.

Your family has been a little hard on cars this year. Is your dad going to find another great deal?

Sarah Louise said...

Here's hoping my dad doesn't have to find a new deal, but he is on alert.

I'm much "relying on the kindness of strangers" (well, mostly friends.)

Shushan said...

Can relate to the shock effect. Glad you are okay! God bless your efforts to deal with it afterward (insurance and all that)

This too shall pass.