Monday, October 01, 2007

Stuff, n'at

So my landlord finally found some window folks (a la thanks to an email sent to the neighborhood list-serv by Babelbabe's hubby!) and the front windows are gonna be replaced. Which meant I had to move the front room to the side. (I may post pictures for illustration--it's not pretty.) Thankfully, I'm not yet sleeping in the front room (I sleep in the front room fall through spring and spend the summer in the back room*) so it doesn't matter so much that you can't get to the bed really anymore.

I am finally getting rid of a chair that should have gone eons ago and various and sundry other stuff. It is so much easier to get rid of stuff when you are disgusted that you still have it or that you have SO MUCH CRAP!

In other news, I spent the afternoon learning about CIP records (Cataloging in Publication) at a workshop, came home, slept from 4:15 to 9, which is when I did the clean-up bit. I called my mom at 9:50--she's usually still up doing "homework" (teachers never rest!) but she was like, "honey, it's late."

Max just called--he had rehearsal for his regular Monday deal, a kid's choir, then a lesson (also regularly on Monday) and then a rehearsal for a gig on Sunday (not regular.) I'll probably wait up for him since I did sleep all afternoon and am not yet super-tired.

It's bizarre--four months ago I never would have imagined having a boyfriend and now it's old comfortable shoe. We're not in the "firsts" anymore, my friends aren't clamoring for details, and I happen to have someone who calls when he's coming home late.

With all the babies (Alyssa had hers!!) and weddings this summer, and the fact that I'll be 36 on my next birthday, part of me is like, shouldn't I be planning a wedding or decorating a nursery?

NO! I am not ready for that. I used to date men who said "I love you" by the third date and wanted to marry me before we hit four months. Two of those men got married (one divorced pretty quickly...) and I know, I should be watching my biological clock tick, but I don't want to!

So I'm not gonna.

So there.

Any questions?

If you want me, I'll be in my garret, working on baby presents for all these babies and big sister gifts as applicable...

And on Wednesdays, when all the mommies and their babies go home from Mother Goose, I'll say "bye bye babies" and be glad that I'm not a mommy or even a wife...yet.

While I'm on this philosophical bent, there is a song that always makes me think of butterflies, how they must be caterpillars first, then cocoon, then flutter away. I don't know if butterflies are in the song but the lyrics go like this: "In His time, in His time. He makes all things beautiful, in His time..."

May I be restful (oh restless me) in His full rest.

*The front room has a skylight, so unless I wanted to wake up at sunrise (sometimes 5:30 am) in the summer, I sleep in the back room. Also, the backroom has a newer a/c unit and it's a smaller room to keep cool while I sleep. Also, the back room has the TV if I want to fall asleep to Leno or Seinfeld or a movie...Also, I'm just weird like that.

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