Sunday, October 28, 2007

Scary Books (2nd ed.)

Have never read Stephen King. But this post* reminds me of the Friends episode when Rachel finds The Shining in the freezer. "Why is this book in the freezer?" And so Joey explains that it got too scary. And that he rereads it. And the only book Rach has reread is Little Women, and so Joey starts to read it and at one point when it's getting scary, Rach asks Joey if he wants to put it in the freezer.

Due to Bab's having finished The Haunting of Hill House (or as my cover reads, b/c of the eight year old movie, The Haunting), I re-started that last Sunday afternoon. Yeah, I see no reason to read Stephen King, Shirley Jackson is scary enough.

And talk about scary, Max and I are going to a dealership this afternoon to look at cars.

Revision to 1st ed: Car dealerships don't seem to be open on Sundays in Pittsburgh. Go figure. I haven't decided which to do: take a nap, bath, or a walk.

*Babs writes about scary stuff, very seasonal, ghosts in houses and other places and how Stephen King has molded her imagination regarding bathrooms at night.

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BabelBabe said...

i wish i'd thought to put it in the freezer. I just gave it away. I had to get it out of my house....