Sunday, October 21, 2007

Musings on a Sunday evening...

So last week I made a big fuss about taking some days off and I did, but in the end, I didn't do anything "special" with the time not blogging except visit everyone else's blogs, send longer emails to friends...but now that I'm back, it's like Woo hoo, I'm back, and I think I've been posting every day. And twice, today!

I came home from John's ordination (woo hoo) to watch the last bit of the Playstation Pros.

A word about the ordination: it was wonderful and worshipful. John, we love you!! It was sheer poetry when we all sang "Did you hear the mountains tremble?" which is how we got our name as "Open Door." I love that song with such a love...

So, little known fact but the secret is now out, I love watching BMX bike tricks and skate park tricks. Daniel Dhers, of Venezuela, won the bike part. Here's a clip of "best of moments" from last year. (It's too soon for 2007 footage to be on YouTube...)

I love this stuff. I really do. I hope in heaven to spend a lot of time doing tricks like this in both the BMX and skate park divisions...Here on earth, I have to relearn how to ride a bike every time I get on one, as I didn't properly learn as a child. Oh well.

The thing about the ordination, I told NH Sally on the phone, was that the folks that were there were folks that are in our lives because John is. So Marlaena was there, and John's parents, and Alyssa's parents, and folks from the was like old home day. I was in my element. And I have a lead on one car and a lead on a person to talk to and some sound advice on"It's just a car, who cares what color it is!"

I've been dealing with a slight cold and depression so I had to force myself to fix dinner* (which means I have to go shopping tomorrow, I've eaten all the ready made food in the house.) I guess I don't have breakfast...drat. And it was so good to hear NH Sally say, "but it's October" and give me a chance to give myself some grace. (Neither of us had done any homework for Tuesday's study. As soon as I post this, that's what I'm gonna start...)

Well, this WOULD be the best time to go shopping (the game is on) but Max will be back from work in the next half hour to hour and I need to do some Beth Moore homework, haven't done any this week yet. Tomorrow is packed with dr. appts and meetings. Oh, and calling the car rental folks to renew for another week.

Just me, chatting...I'm working on a post about church soon. For now, go read Biscotti's.

*Take the feta and cheese sandwich out of the box and put it in the microwave...


Katrina said...

Well, if God is taking requests for leisure activities in heaven, I'd like to add surfing to the list! Every time I watch surfers floating across the crest of a wave, I feel a twinge of envy. Must be a lot like flying.

Oh! OH!!! Put "flying" on the list, too!

Nick & Lauren said...

The ordination sounds wonderful, and I love that song too! Nick and I were hiking in the Welsh hillsides and were humming that song - who knows, maybe even at the same time?

Sarah Louise said...

K--ooh, flying!!

N&L--maybe! Oh, I'm glad you were doing something fun. WE MISS YOU.



wilsonian said...

Okay, this is pretty funny, but when I still had tv, one of my favourite things to watch was BMX bike tricks. Well, everything in that vein too... skateboarding, snowboarding extreme motocross... such a funny thing to have in common :)