Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Upcoming events!!

November is almost here! (No, not really, I'm ready to enjoy October.)

But here's something I'm stoked about: ice skating!!

07:30 PM
Nov. 3
101.5 WORD-FM Family Fun Night at Blade Runners Ice Complex -- Warrendale

Join 101.5 WORD-FM's Kenny Woods for a family skate night at Blade Runners Ice Complex in Warrendale, 7:30 - 9:30 pm. WORD-FM listeners can skate to your favorite Christian music for just $5 per person (includes skate rental); there'll be fun, prizes (no purchase necessary) and more. Youth leaders - register for a free skate night for your group of up to 20 kids! A perfect night out for your family or church group. Call for more information: 724-772-0022.

Max is not a skater, so I don't know if I'll be able to convince him...

Hmm, not sure what happened there with the overlap. The info is available if you go here: Wordfm.org

Also, last year was a blast, this event IS in October, on a bye week (no Steelers game, Oct 14): StepTrek!!

I went last year with some friends from the OD and saw Max there! I was like, hey, isn't that the guy who lives on the first floor? I'm hoping to go this year...with Max.

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KitchenKiki said...

My friend Colleen wants it to be November too. Of course, she is due in Nov with baby #3 and it has been a MISERABLE pregnancy. I'm not even the one who is pregnant, and I felt the misery.
Things like that help against the bio clock!

PS In your quest to rid yourself of stuff, have you tried freecycle? www.freecycle.org
It is a good way to get rid of stuff, help someone else and not fill up the landfill.

Now I'm going back to lurking for a while....