Sunday, October 07, 2007

"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book."

(Groucho Marx)

The rest of the quotes are wonderful too, esp. the one from Johnny Carson about if the TV hadn't been invented, we'd all be eating radio dinners. Go here for the rest.

Unlike Groucho, I love TV. I love me some movies, some hockey, some "Friends," etc. etc. However, I do not have cable. So I get about 4 channels, give or take. NBC, FOX, and PBS have the best reception.

Right now, BOTH my DVD player and VCR are on the fritz. So last night, when a tired Max went downstairs to bed at 8 pm after dinner, I turned on the TV. Nothing good was on until 9, when I watch "As time goes by" with Judi Dench. How I ADORE that show. I do wish PBS had commercials though, I missed some of it because I had to go into the kitchen for more salsa--I was hungry!! (I love me some salsa and chips!!)

On the recommendation of LC, I took out Hens dancing* (which I LOVE!) and another book that happened to be on the shelf nearby--Alison's Automotive Repair Manual. So while waiting for "ATGB" to come on (with the volume muted on the TV so I could watch bits of "The office" and/or "Are you being helped?" I read Hens dancing. WHICH I ADORE.

So, at 10:30, tired, I went to bed. After an evening of READING. (If you know me, this is pretty amazing. I'm pretty addicted to my movies and/or TV shows.)

Note: the reason it took so long to write this post is this--Amazon is very pretty and shiny. It recommends books for me, Sarah Louise (It asks me if I'm not Sarah Louise to click here). It re-introduces me to all the books I've forgotten that I put on my wish list. It recommends new books to me, based on my last search and/or titles on my wish list.

How ever in the world did it get to be 9:30? Oh...right. Amazon. In its defense, was the one that helped me finally find a horse book for Anita yesterday. Which no library in our county owns, so I had to go OUT OF OUR SYSTEM for it.

*but I love the Australian cover shot best. I could buy the American hardcover for .16 cents, but then I'd have to pay $3 for shipping.

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