Thursday, October 25, 2007

You know you have too many books when...

Searching for ANY copy of Dicey's Song, the paperback or the hardcover, you come upon two paperback copies of The Runner, the paperback and hardcover of A Solitary Blue, and at least two copies of Breathing Lessons. (They're for gifts...she says, covering her red face...)

Anyways, there's a passage in Dicey's Song where Jeff (Dicey's eventually beau) offers Dicey and Sammy a ride home from Dicey's job at the grocery store. Sammy pouts, and Dicey says, "This boy is saving me a trip from carrying your hulking body on the back of my bike, you be nice now." (or something to that effect.)

Something like that happened to me today. I was offered something like gold (or its equivalent in my situation, an OPTION, something that might give me CHOICES and TIME) and when I shared this information with a dear one (not Max), the response was, well, lackluster. And I wanted to say, "This boy is saving me a trip from carrying my hulking body on the back of my bike, you be nice now." But I didn't.

Update on the car search: test-drove a Ford that had clunking noises in the drivers tire area and verah high mileage. Max and I will go looking at dealerships on Sunday.

Monday, NH Sally and I will comb a few months of bank statements to see where there's fat that we can turn into a car payment (so I don't have to eat PB&J for the next three to four years....). THEN I will go looking for a car loan. (No, I'm not buying a car Sunday, I just want to see what is out there.)

So things are looking up. And I wanted someone to celebrate. But that's the thing about people. You can't manufacture their responses for them.


So let's throw a party, you and me. Because I have OPTIONS and a community. And after all, a car is just a hunk of metal.

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all shall be well, no matter what. (Lady Julian of Norwich , "no matter what" added on by Madeleine L'Engle at her granddaugter's insistance.)


Katy said...

I remember reading Dicey's Song but I can't remember much except enjoying it and having your little mention bring back a bit of memory about it. Cynthia Voigt? she asks, not asking the internet first.

Don't forget to look at the Japanese cars (Honda, Toyota, Nissan), they have some very good, sturdy cars. One of my roommates in Pittsburgh ended up buying a Nissan Altima, and her name was Kate, and we had matching cars in the driveway. It was cute and sort of creepy.

nutmeg said...

Well I don't want to add to your "too many books woes" (I'll not mention the car woes) but I just air mailed the Schindler book to you today - should be there in about 10 working days time!!!!!

wilsonian said...

Yep, there's nothing like having options...

Hope you find a great deal!!

KitchenKiki said...

In our car research (which HP does compulsively after I make him drive his crapmobile instead of my car) We have found that Japanese models are the ones most likely 200,000 miles
especially Honda Civic, Toyota landcruiser (I know, too big for what you need).
I will try to find the article he keeps quoting.

I will say, I expected more from your dad on the car front. I thought he was the car-bargain king.

Sarah Louise said...

Katy--didn't like Dicey's Song? Were you reading it for school? (It's my top favorite book.) But we can still be friends. Yes, it is Voigt. I was too tired to link up last night.

Nutmeg--your copy of Zookeepers is on its way to me and then I'll get it on its way to you...

Erin--yes, options are good.

Kiki--I think my dad has a lot his plate and I think it's also him letting me be the grown-up. (It's hard for both of us...)I'm definately looking at Japanese cars.

Katy said...

Oh, I liked Dicey's Song, but I read so much, so fast, in that period of my life (late elementary-junior high) that a lot of it blends together as just generally good YA literature.