Thursday, October 04, 2007

Things that make me crack up...

"Your friends weren't active this week. Find more friends." --from the email Shelfari sends me on a weekly basis.

In-active friends=the need for MORE friends. Because, you know, it's the AMERICAN WAY.

(And I know for a fact that my most active Shelfari friend has perhaps been inactive there but very active at home, probably changing diapers quicker than someone could read through a book.)

This, in my email from the NYTimes this morning: "Today's headlines: null." I honestly thought I'd open the email and find that the world had ended or something or it was such a slow news day that there wasn't even a headline that was "fit to print." No such luck--I think my favorite headline, the only one "fit to print" here, is from the Arts section: "Three thugs and a stamp collection." It's a review of an off-broadway showing of "Mauritius," which the critic, Ben Brantley, is convinced is an homage to David Mamet's early play "American Buffalo." If that isn't fit to print, what is?


And some lucky souls have an extra day off on Monday: Columbus Day, or what I will always remember as the day I played hooky to try out bridesmaid dresses for EE Sally's wedding. Maybe one of these days I'll be foolish enough to publish the pictures of the dress we didn't use. (The dress, was wonderful. But being tall and willowy, it worked for me. Not so much for the matron of honor, who was pregnant, or the petite other bridesmaid.) I'll see if I can find them. They are pretty funny. Word to the wise: go to a department store, NOT a bridal store, for your bridal party dresses. You can't go to Kaufmann's anymore, which is where we went, but you know, Macy*s or something. Someone remember to remind me this if/when this is an issue for me.

Gotta go cross some rivers...

One more thing: I had a dream about a pelican that once we caught it was more like a human baby, and coughing. I woke up before we decided what to do with it. I guess it was sort of like a fairy tale.


SneakyPeek said...

That is one weird fairy tale dream.

Happy Friday!

KitchenKiki said...

My maid of honor wore her dress to homecoming last year. :)

I got it at BCBG on sale.