Thursday, October 04, 2007

Types of books I try to ignore but they pull me in:

Any book that has LIES in the title:

Lies about money.

Any book that has TRUTH in the title:

The truth about food.

I tend to trust people that want to tell me the truth and not trust people that want to tell me lies (even if by telling me other people's lies they are going to tell me truth, it's usually their version of the truth...) But either way, the book takes longer to cross my desk because I have to see how badly I do or do not trust the folks that use these strong words in their titles.

The other night I had to check the DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) for a book by a prominant conservative writer. The writer was so full of bile and vile that the message of the book was completely obscured by the anger towards "those other people."

I couldn't understand a thing the writer was trying to communicate.


In other news, I missed a baby sighting this morning!! (My co-worker came by with her newborn son.)


Monday, I drove to Hampton for training. Yesterday I drove to Oakland for doctor's appts. Tomorrow I drive to Mt. Lebanon for a meeting. How grateful am I for my wheels? VERY!!

Oh, and in Pittsburgh, it's all about crossing the rivers. So Monday, I crossed the Allegheny twice, once to go to the North Hills, once to come home. Yesterday, I crossed the Allegheny four times: once to go to the North Hills, once to go to Oakland, again to the North Hills, again to go home. Tomorrow, I will cross two rivers twice: the Mon to go to the South Hills, back again to go to the North Hills, when I'll then cross the Allegheny to go to work and then again the Allegheny to go home.

That is all. Back to checking DDC numbers for me.

Oh, but thrill upon thrills, I got to review the DDC for a book ABOUT the Sputnik, on today, the 50th anniversary. I mentioned that it was the anniversary and one of our computer techs at work said "[sugar], I'm old!" In case you ever need to know, the DDC # for Sputnik is 629.46 (Engineering of unmanned spacecraft).

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