Monday, September 15, 2008

Some decisions I'm making...

The winders are all open and the air coming through is delicious, like the 60s!!!

Last night, after I got home from church (after I became a charter member* of my church!) I turned on the computer, to Twitter some and catch up. Also the TV, because I am a Pittsburgher, even though I do not understand football (and no, am not interested in learning, thanks!) we were playing our biggest rivals last night, the Cleveland Browns. It was raining in Cleveland, but just winding here in da Burgh. The wind meant that my electricity flickered on and off 5x before I decided to turn off the TV, the computer, and turn off my power strips, and brushed my teeth.

I was spooked enough that I called my mom, though. And while we were talking, it flicked off and on again. She said, I'd wash my face now, if I were you. Yep, did that, plus I have my flashlight right here.

So if you missed me at Twitter last night, that's where I was.

So, decisions.

When I turned on my favorite TV show, the Today show, I thought maybe Channel 11 (the local news) would give me some clue as to what happened last night. Nope, they led with some local crime story and didn't even mention a THING about the weather or what had transpired. I guess they thought the blue box that let me know that all the local suburban schools were on 2 hr delays was enough.

So that was a first reason I wanted something else, news, please!, and found it on the website of Channel 4. And when the women were cat fighting over "can women do it all" (apparently we need to have this conversation ad naseum until we get blue in the face) I flipped the station to find anything, anything. So I settled in on GMA's Whistlestop thing-y. Now, you've got to know, for me to watch anything but PBS, NBC, or FOX, I'm dealing with lines on the TV. It's not the clearest picture, and I've just never really gotten into GMA, because I always thought Today was better. But here's what GMA is doing. They are doing a Whistle Stop tour! 50 states in 5o days! And who did they have on? (Well, Obama, but I was probably either sleeping or watching Today.) James Taylor! I never knew Rockabye Sweet Baby James** was written on the occasion of the birth of his nephew.

So it was refreshing. And they finish at 9, which I never thought was a plus, cuz I don't much care for Regis and Kelly but it is a plus, because look at the time, it's 9:15 and the TV is on mute! The only noise I hear is the click of the keyboard and the fan swishing. (I'd actually turn the fan off, but I don't think it takes a lot of juice and it is a pain to turn it back on b/c it gets stuck.) Yes, it will take like 5 minutes and I'll have to wiggle with it. Anyways. Blog-writing. You wouldn't be getting this little fan story if I was writing for Vanity Fair. I would have edited it out even before someone else looked at it. But I know as much as you do that the reason we read each other's blogs is that we want the personal touch.

Yes, Regis and Kelly are talking about something. So nice to just look at them but hear nothing.

Well, gotta go. Time to get ready to see the ENT.

*Charter member, from Wikipedia: A charter member of an organization is an original member; that is, one who became a member when the organization received its charter.
**Just learned why this is funny this weekend. I'm a little slow on the uptake.


KitchenKiki said...

hmmmm, my tracking info says you got a box today. did you?

cuileann said...

Open windows and delicious sixties - me too!

Also, I just made the Scottish-Pittsburgh/Edinburgh connection yesterday. I thought you might care to know. Hah.