Sunday, September 14, 2008

"I'm still learning."

When your page of Tweets is all you, just you, tweeting, it's time to stop. And maybe blog.

The Britta filter needs to soak for 15 min. Also, the first two pitchers are for watering plants (um, if I had any.)

So here it is: I need to save $. I need to pay down debt. Please send your money saving tips and recipes (preferably recipes that serve 1-2 people and/or make good leftovers.)

How is it that I got here and now I feel like I have nothing more to say?

I'm tired of reporting on my health: the depression is waning :) but the ear infection is yuk.

After de-cluttering almost every Sunday morning this summer, I still have so much crap in this apartment. GAH!

So, aren't you glad you stopped by?

Mwah. I promise pictures and better writing soon.

*Leonardo Da Vinci


daysgoby said...

Crock-pot chili, soup, casseroles. These are pretty low-cost and smell terrific when you come in from work.

Not sure if this would work for you, but our water heater is on a timer. We only run it from seven to nine in the morning and five to seven at night. I just make sure to wash anything I need washed in hot or warm at that time. The kids are bathed (or showered!) around eight pm, and J and I both take our showers at night. My dishwasher gets run around midnight.

What do you eat the most? Maybe you could bake bread or make pitchers of ice tea instead of pop?

KitchenKiki said...

crock pot turkey thigh. Very easy, almost no effort. Put a turkey thigh in a crock pot turn on. serve over noodles, it makes its own gravy. It tastes better if you add some spices and a can of tomatoes or do it pot roast style with small potatoes, carrots & onion

Ice tea & britta instead of store bought. sale items. ummm I'll think about it.

Better get your kitchen clean. I'm getting rid of things in my house. (I think I can out crap you, but I'm not sure. You've been there longer, but I have space and HP's crap also.)

KitchenKiki said...

Q. Barbie and Ken arrive at a fancy restaurant in her pink Corvette. Who parks the car?

A. The Valet of the Dolls

Eleanor said...

Hello there! I just found your addition to my "comment poem", and I love it. Thanks so much for dropping by, I shall add your simile asap. I have seen your two shoes on the lines in the road in several comment boxes in the past, so it feels like I know you already.


Sarah Louise said...

@daysgoby I haven't gotten onto the crockpot thing yet, but I do have one. I guess that's the first step.

@Kiki My Britta is working as of yesterday--the water is so much tastier!! Bonus--the filters were from the folks, they had them lying around. ooh. I just got the Valet of the Dolls. I thought it was funny by itself, but now I *GET* it.

@eleanor aren't you sweet!