Monday, September 29, 2008


Ah yes, the cautionary tale returns. I heard this weekend that everything you write online you should preface in your mind with "dear future employer."

Which is why I'm Sarah Louise. (and yes, I just double-googled myself again, no traces, phew!)

Sarah Louise, who was going to go to Half Price Books (Badger's boyfriend) this morning but has run out of time.

There were a lot of things I was going to do this morning. Instead, I talked to my bank about my checks not having arrived yet, I emailed my landlord that I'd send him a money order today, and I learned from my cousin (dear dear Kiki) that online bill pay means that they'll send a check to my landlord! I have got to look into that!!

But in the meantime, I just had a quick chat with NH Sally (not to be confused with Boston Sally, who doesn't live near Boston, actually lives closer to New Hampshire, but I already have ONE NH Sally...) Had a nice long chat with Boston Sally on Saturday--it's amazing to me that we've known each other over half our lives. She just joined Facebook.

Well, I gotta run. Off to a work lunch to see pictures of Italy.

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