Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Calling my Sallys...

So this is the status:
  1. three days of sleeping past 9 am.
  2. (yesterday) it takes me too long to find the word "goose" so K misses the first set that flew over us.
  3. I've called almost everyone in my cell phone that might be home and left cheerful messages. (It's "little miss actress"--crying on the machine is a no no.)
  4. I'm watching women argue about Palin on the View.
I NEVER watch The View. Okay, rarely. And now Sally Field is telling me that she can take a pill once a month to prevent bone loss.

August is over--the month of no therapy was NOT a good idea. (She was on vackay, I was on vackay, we didn't schedule a phone session.)

As for the View, I have to say Whoopi Goldberg has it going on. I like her.

Urg. Oh, and my new phone apparently can't call to short numbers so I am missing my Twitter! (I had my old phone set to get five folks that I know, I get their updates only, but I miss that!!) And I miss that I can't send tweets via SMS.

But am I gettting dressed to go to the AT&T store? No. I'm sitting here in my nightgown listening to five women bicker. And right now that is all I can do.

Go take a walk? Nope, I would probably shatter from being alone. Readers, let me tell you, if you have any way around it, don't get depression or bipolar disorder.

The Addam's Family M&M commercial is cute.

Something chipper? Sandcastle yesterday was WUNDERBAR! K and I had such a blast. AND wonder of wonders, we had the political discussion that I was so afraid of (we are voting for opposite men in November) and we emerged as friends. She did her "talkity talk" and then said "But that's my opinion" and poked me playfully.

We did the Blue Tubaluba twice--once in single tubes, and our last ride of the day in a double tube. It was the busiest day we'd seen. (Well, a gorgeous day and the last day of the season, duh!) We each ran into someone we knew. I tried to get my phone (yes, new phone has a camera) to take a picture of us, but apparently, I'm still learning how to use my new phone...

What else? Um, oh, I "led" our Small Group Bible Study last night--which meant, I had the book with the answers. But basically it meant letting everyone talk. It was great.

Oh, and guess what? The New New Kids on the Block are on now. They're cute! AND OLD! (Well, old-er.) And married, with many children.

And their song, "Single" is not exactly what I need right now--"I'll be your boyfriend til the song goes off."

Okay, it's T minus 3/4 hour before I need to leave for work. Maybe I'll leave now and get a fun "pick me up" lunch. Do I have a decent book to read? Um.

And what do I have to wear today...um. Maybe it's time to go look into living my life. Thanks for being one of my Sallys, dear reader. Sometimes a girl just needs to talk.

Oh, the NKOTB are singing again. (I wasn't a fan last time around but there's something about heterosexual men with good dance moves.)

Okay, I better figure out what's what. Urg. Send hugs.

I leave you as Attorney Edgar Snyder warns me against insurance companies.



alyssa said...

Thanks for your call today :) I was out with the kiddos and John's mom. The support is GREATLY appreciated! and vice-versa. Please let me know if you need anything.

Caro said...

Do you have an mp3 player? I put mine on today and took a walk and it helped a lot.

I have been hiding in my house avoiding everybody lately too. Why did I give up Paxil?

I hope you feel much better soon.


KitchenKiki said...

Personally I went to play with some clay yesterday. It helped me feel a little better.
Hope today is a great day!

cuileann said...

I am glad to be one of your Sallys, Sarah Louise, and it is good to see you blogging again. Stuff doesn't sound too good, but you, as always, sound like you are being braver and stronger than I would think to expect of someone.

I am sending one large hug.

elena jane said...

hope you're feeling better today...this change in weather is doing me in. and the view makes me crazy. the only good thing i like on it is whoopi.
you have a pink phone, verra cool! :)

wilsonian said...

Checking in... :)