Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I can't find my remote control...

Right now the local news is on. And since we're past yesterday's no electricity news (although some folks are still without last time I checked) it's all "if it bleeds, it leads" and the local crime. Yum.

Right now I'm missing a wedding that's happening at Niagara Falls, oh there we're back. The GMA weather guy, his name is Sam, is standing among the wedding guests and telling us the weather. (Not sure who the guests are since we've been told this couple was eloping.)

I am only yelling at the TV at the commercials today, which is better than yesterday, when I changed channels.

Overnight, the air has gotten allergic and I've taken another Claritin.

Oh, so hey, great news! I got a link on Intrepid Tuesdays, The First Edition!

Five Star Friday

It's an old old post, one that I wrote on the first year anniversary of my blog. But it's one I'm proud of. It was weird reading it, since it was in the early days, when I really did have a community at the blog and everyone knew your name. Now, some of us have gone our separate ways or ventured into other things and we're not as comfy-cozy. Which happens. I have no idea why it's not all linked up, but I didn't want to change a thing. It stands as it is, a relic to another time.

Daysgoby has her post "Working in the Dungeon," I'm so proud to share space with her!

Another one of my Twitter buddies, Dani, submitted her 9/11 post, "Lucky" which I guarantee will make you shiver. Go! Read!

Oh, and yesterday I saw a Monarch butterfly.

Yes, pictures. They're coming. But not today. I have to download from the camera first. Plus do things like pay bills and go to Women's Bible Study--Beth Moore!!


Schmutzie said...

Thanks for the shout out! And thanks for helping Intrepid Tuesdays start out with a bang.

daysgoby said...

Eee! I'm so excited about Intrepid Tuesday! And I love your post!

cuileann said...

Oh, the comment post! Yes, I like that one a lot.