Saturday, August 30, 2008

A fortnight...

Fourteen things, since I was pretty much gone for a fortnight, not in any particular order:
  1. Watched the movie Giant. Didn't fall in love with James Dean.
  2. Watched the movie The Philadelphia Story. Fell in love with Katherine Hepburn.
  3. Caught up on some issues of Vogue, including the ultra-fat September 2007 issue.
  4. Worked on two puzzles, one we finished, one we packed up in labeled Zip lock bags.
  5. Got a lobster burn on my left shoulder, which is pretty much faded and peeled by now.
  6. Spent the evening (tonight) watching SATC, Season 6, Part 1, whilst doing laundry.
  7. Co-worker popped her baby boy this morning! Congrats!! (We were daring, we took her out for lunch yesterday, whilst she was having contractions.)
  8. I need to do some serious cleaning and de-cluttering in the apartment.
  9. Sandcastle on Monday--and the forecast is sunny!
  10. I now only have one car on my car insurance. His name is Elliot and he is "stealth blue."
  11. I cried as my dad drove Lucy the Honda away, and promptly backed into the parked car behind me. No harm, but I flagged my dad down and had him make sure. Then *I* drove away (on my way to work.)
  12. I heart Twitter.
  13. I am getting used to my new pink cell phone (it was the two year upgrade time). Must procure a fun ring tone and set my speed dials. Oh, and it has a camera.
  14. It's time for bed.
I promise to write something soon. I thought I was going to tonight, but I got all blocked. But lists are fun too.


KitchenKiki said...

welcome back to the unreal world! Are ya gonna post pics of Elliot?

Amy A. said...

Good list! Love Philadelphia Story!

elena jane said...

welcome back, great list, and i still can't get the hang of twitter....cani email updates there?