Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Brain won't shut off...

At the end of the exhausting day I trudged up to my car, calling Sally to see if we were on for Friday (I'm making her dinner that involves shrimp) and she invited me over for pizza and the current NetFlix, Howl something. You better believe I took her up on that one! After which, I chatted with her and her DH. Her DH just joined Facebook today. So I gave both of them pointers. They're now married on FB. Twas fun(ny). They are 5 and 6 years older than me and that's not much, but since they have three kids I often think of them as much older, not more like my contemporaries, my peers.

Then Sally and I chatted whilst she folded laundry. My eyes were getting scratchy, as I now take my allergy meds in the evening and they were wearing off. (Sally has a cat.) So I left, and as I did, Sally mentioned a mechanic that might be able to assess if my car is worth fixing up to inspection standards. Oh good. Take one step. And one more.

Then, because it takes a half hour to get home and it was almost 9:30, I called my folks on the cell before I gassed up at $3.96 (which is like $50/tank, yeesh!). I had a chance to mention Aunt Margaret's table to my mom, it needs to be fixed and it doesn't serve my purpose so Sally is giving me a table she's getting rid of Friday (that's where the shrimp and dinner fits in.) I said, I don't know how attached you are to the table, but I wanted to put out there that it's not fitting my purposes right now (and really hasn't for years, I didn't add.) It is a lovely table that would make someone very happy. Until we figure out what to do, it will live in the foyer, where there is room for it and it will look pretty.

Meantime, I'm also working on getting the pull out bed (sofa/couch/davenport/what-have-you) out of the apartment, which involves muscles from church, me paying in beer, and maybe someone from Freecycle taking it. But I'm not sanguine, as none of the sofas offered in the past coupla days have been taken, and a sofa-bed was offered three days ago, not taken.

Also, my landlord is listing the 2nd floor apartment! They only moved in in March...I didn't comment on that short amount of time when he asked me to list it on the neighborhood list-serv, as I might have a similar announcement someday in the near to far future.

On the way to work today, I thought, I am going through a transition. Even if in February 2009 I am still driving Lucy along Rte. 8 to work, this summer is big stuff, me admitting that I'm LOOKING (and not for a man). That I'm changing some things up in my apartment and considering painting and changing flooring. (Have I mentioned that the entire apartment is wall to wall carpet? Yes, the bathroom too.)

So it's no wonder that until just this moment, (yawn) my brain was moving mile a minute and trying to process all that is going on. (Yawn.) (Yawn.)

And totally unrelated, I just peeked in my spam to see if something had bounced and I have at least three emails dated year 38. (1938? or 2038? That's some kind of email time travel...)

Okay, enough blog puttering, off to bed.

As I fade out, Brooks and Dunn, "Put a girl in it" plays on the radio. Grin.


KitchenKiki said...

It is good to be looking at healthy change, whether you decide that you need to have your apartment recarpeted or you need to move. Across town, across country, whatever. Just the idea and the dreams of it are good for clearing the cobwebs of the head. :)

elena jane said...

i think most change is good, and as mentioned, and i agree, sometimes just the idea of it is what helps your brain.
good luck getting rid of the sofa/s....could you knot donate it to someplace that might be in need of a slightly used sofabed?