Saturday, July 19, 2008

Am I allergic to Saturday?

So, um, I am under extreme stress. So much so, that for the past two Fridays, I have dreaded going to work, knowing I would be working the next day. And the next day (the past two Saturdays, well, including today) I have left work early.

Last night watched Lars and the Real Girl. Wow. What a great movie.

My mother sends text messages now! Bird and I love it! The 'rents are in Texas right now, visiting bro. Well, the visiting part is over now, they're going to San Antonio? and then back home on Wednesday.

Well, that's it. I wanted to just update, since my last post was Tues.

Off to get something bland for dinner, which means going out into the heat. I am so NOT a summer person.

Gosh, this is a depressing post. But I'll hit publish anyways. Cuz yins are my community too.

Okay a few things I love so that this is not a complete downer:

  • I love that culieann loves poetry.
  • I love Twitter.
  • I love my online friends.
  • I love Kiki--I'll post the picture of the pot she made me soon. My kitchen is back in complete disarray.
  • I love Bird (my sister). She and I talked for maybe 45 min last night.
  • I love Google Reader.

I finished Garden Spells last night.




Sarah O. said...

Wow, what goes on in the library on Saturdays? Oh, wait. An old friend of mine is a librarian in a Chicago Public Library branch in a tough neighborhood. He stresses out over his petty coworkers much more than he stresses out over the homeless people who pretty much live in the library.

Cuileann said...

^Heheh, my branch has one of those - a resident homeless person, that is.

Really not that depressing, Sarah Louise! But even if it were, yes, wins (I don't suppose that's real Pittsburghese) are your community. :) I am very glad my poetry-loving ways can make someone else happy.

curious servant said...

Thanks, Sis.

I like that... the wrong things are good too.

Sarah Louise said...

Sarah--it's just that I'm so stressed that having to work 5 days is too much. I know, that sounds crazy, but my body and mind are rebelling. I SO need a vacation, or a change...

Cuileann--it was trés depressing b4 I added the "I love stuff." I'm just going through a hard stretch and I'm not finding a poetic way to write about it. I had one of your poems (the one about counting words instead of sheep) as a bookmark when I had my dinner after church.

Wins--I like it. Yin is a Scottish word for one and well, a lot of Scots settled in da Burgh.

Curious--aha! your comment wasn't there a minute ago! Yeah, it makes me have a little more sympathy for Job's friends. They meant well, even if they had bad advice.

KitchenKiki said...

I love the love, now that I'm ignoring my kitchen for a few minutes. I think I'm taking the girl to have her braces removed, so I get to goof off a little & visit the blogosphere!

Hugs to you! We'll see who get the picture posted first :)