Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"You are never too old to dream a new dream..."

(C.S. Lewis)

Well, this morning one of the tweets that I followed through to a link was Amy's rules of blogging: "remember that everything you post is public. hell, it's global."

So keeping that in mind, I'm not going to talk about the newest development, yet. (I'll just keep you in suspense...) But seriously, if you know me, and I haven't emailed you, (sorry!) email me and I'll tell you.

So I'm changing the subject. A Facebook conversation this morning made me think of libraries and childhood memories. My friend remembered that the bookmobile she went to was exciting because she could climb the steps and she picked out the thickest book.

My first memory (besides the fuzzy preschool memories of going to see the Seven Chinese Brothers as a movie) of a library was the discovery (in 2nd grade) that my last name didn't fit on those cards where you had to write your name. That was the day I learned my last name had eleven letters. My other memories were of the school library at American School of Tegucigalpa, where I had free reign of the library. It was an older collection, so they had ALL of Marguerite D'Angeli's books, and I think I was the only person on the card for Julie (Andrews) Edward's Mandy. I could only take out two books at a time, so voracious reader that I was, I was at the library almost every day to get more.

Well, I also remember that the library was flooded the year I was in first grade, as the Rhine river rose that Spring. But I didn't read until 2nd grade, so the library was just the place we went to watch "Free to Be You and Me." I can't remember why the two libraries were different, as they were both for the American School of Bonn, but maybe the flooding had something to do with it.

I'm wearing my pink heels as I sit here, not yet dressed for the day. As a children's librarian, I generally wear "nice" flip flops or sneakers all summer, and nylons? Are you joking? So I really only have one nice pair of summer shoes, and they are heels. I've worn them one time in public, at Terzo's christening, which was two? years ago? I don't generally wear heels, because have you met me? I'm tall enough, at 5'9". (This could all be preparation for the wedding I'm going to in August, you know...)

And no, the comment box is NOT for guessing what the H-E-double-hockey sticks I'm talking about. Email me.

What childhood memories do you have of libraries? Did you go to a building or a bookmobile? Was your first library a school library or a public library?

Were all the librarians ladies? The first male librarian I met was in 6th grade. He was married to one of the 6th grade teachers. I don't think I met another male librarian until...I don't remember. I was never one to ask questions as a child, I was a poke and find out myself, so I don't really remember librarians, just the libraries.

Tawk amongst yourselves. I've gotta go procure some nylons.


wilsonian said...

"I'm wearing my pink heels as I sit here, not yet dressed for the day"

That's quite a picture you've painted for us, SL ;)

Sarah Louise said...


Well, I was wearing CLOTHING, just not what I'd be wearing to work.



(and are they pink heels or pink pumps?)

KitchenKiki said...

pink pumps is better alliteration.

I don't really have memories of the public library as a youngster. I remember going through the bookmobile at one point, but I don't remember my age. I know I went to the school library, but I don't remember the public library until I was in my teens in SC. hmmmmmm

Badger said...

I have VAGUE memories of a bookmobile. Will have to ask my mom for more info.

I do remember one school library where I devoured Dr. Seuss books (so must have been elementary school?) and one where I scarfed up all the Norma Fox Mazer I could find (middle school?).

My aunt, who is no longer my aunt because she divorced my uncle years ago, got me my first public library card. She used to babysit us in the summer while my folks worked and the card was for the library near HER house, not mine, probably because she already had an account there.

Mostly what I remember about the library is not wanting to give the books back, and I STILL don't, which is why I don't frequent them much now (that and the fact that it costs us $45 per year for a family card because we're outside the city limits).

But I still like them IN PRINCIPLE.

Er, sorry for the combox novel! Heh! YOU ASKED!

Jan said...

Growing up, the public library in Baden PA was the most wonderfully dusty two rooms in the world!

It was open from 2-4 and 6-8 on Tues and Thursday. If you went right at 2, you could get a book and speed read it so that at 7:30 you could dash back up the stairs to exchange it for another.

I loved that place! I always wished I would be locked in there for the weekend.

Sarah Louise said...

Kiki--pink pumps is better alliteration.

Badger--but I love novels in the comment box!

Jan--I have been to that library! Once, a long time ago, in a different life. I was visiting a friend and demanded to go to the library. So we went.

Thank you ALL for your memories!!



Cuileann said...

My first was a public library; happily, our local branch is only a fifteen minute walk away, and right next to my elementary school. My elementary school librarian is my favorite in memory, though. She read so dramatically. I went back to poke my nose in that school library a while ago and was so tickled to find my favorite book and see it still had the little check-out tag on the endpaper filled up with my name.

I thought bookmobiles were a fantasy thing for the longest time, thanks to a Spinelli short story about one. We got one when my branch was being remodeled, and it was so cool. I couldn't believe the shelves slanted backwards, just like his narrator had noticed.