Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fruit and a muffin

You know, I can't remember if I mentioned that Immodium and Gatorade were my companions this weekend. But Monday, I was brave enough to order quiche at Gullifties. I didn't know it came with fresh fruit and a BRAN muffin, or I would have refused them. On the way home, I heard (the inaudible voice of the nudge that isn't me that I should take these to Mini, my Italian neighbor.) I was going to be late for my dr. appointment if I did, so I didn't. And wouldn't you know, that when I got to my appointment, I had to wait.

On Sunday, BJ shared a story from Molly, about sharing a muffin with a woman at Panera. I am too tired to replicate it here, but it was pretty similar in type to the Beth Moore story found here. Beth sees a man with uncombed hair and the nudge that isn't us nudged her to talk to him, to ask if she could comb his hair. It is a beautiful story.

I have no idea if the fruit is still palatable after spending an evening in my fridge...

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