Thursday, July 10, 2008

You never know what you'll find when you talk a walk on the web...

(or surfing, whatever. But for the title, walk on the web seemed more alliterative.)

I've had some new followees on Twitter and one of them posted this video.

What I love about it, besides the sheer joy of it, is that it shows Warsaw, Poland and then Austin, Texas--my brother used to live in Warsaw and NOW lives in Texas. It also showed Sao Paolo, Brazil, where my grandmother taught right after she graduated from Bucknell in the 1920s. I'm sure he has other shots from Brazil (it's a big country). I also love the ones where it's raining. The India one is the only one where he dances the way other folks (the ladies) are dancing. This video goes from him alone to him with people to him alone. I saw him on the Today show when he did one live from some African location, and the children were dancing with him. Oh, it also shows Cologne, Germany. My dad worked there when we lived in Bonn.

It makes me happy too


EP said...

Thanks for sharing this. I find it incredible that dancing is another thing that can bring people together. And watching this has made my day.

Angela said...

Hahaha, I loved the one where the crowd is rushing together, and someone falls on his ass! It's about 50 seconds in.

elena jane said...

that was really great! someone on another blog mentioned the "where in the world is matt" and i wondered what it was (was it you?? you know these things)....very cool indeed!