Sunday, June 04, 2006

You'll never get to heaven if you break my heart

and then the next song is "only love can break a heart, only love can mend it again."

Maybe I need a new radio station...

Has anyone heard that song, though? It's the silliest thing I've ever heard, and theologically so wrong--the angels will see if you leave me at the altar, etc. etc.


I had fun at First Fridays (the galleries have receptions. I usually just go to the one at the UP.)
I had fun at the Rent Party. I won a set of vintage Highland Park postcards in the silent auction. I smiled at a bunch of guys. They smiled back.

Oh, here's the song I love, "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams." I wonder if Green Day heard it and then wrote their song. "Gigolo and gigelette wake up to a broken dream...I left my soul behind me in an old cathedral tower." "The joy you find here you borrow, you can not keep it long it seems."

Today is the Highland Park Yard Sale. I got one of my desks there for $4 about ten years ago. I'll be visiting Sally to get the spare set of my car keys, as I'll be having work done on my car Tuesday and it's always good to have a spare set of keys. (Um, this is one of those times it would be GREAT to have a SI, but being the genius that I am, I have the logistics worked out.)

I might catch the new Jennifer Aniston flick.

Brooke: You... you got three lemons...
Gary: What my baby wants my baby gets .
Brooke: ...Baby wanted 12.


Or, you know, I could go to the Three Rivers Arts Festival! (Except that's not something I'd really do on my own, and a movie is.)


wilsonian said...

Here's to smiling at guys who smile back!

MsCellania said...

Sounds like a great weekend, SL. Smiles and all! We have a pretty good art festival here. I think it's coming up pretty soon - hope we haven't missed it!

Carolyn said...

A four dollar desk? Score!