Monday, March 17, 2008

You must read this book!

Welcome to Eudora by Mimi Thebo.

Babs would do a great job at doing a review and I probably could churn something out, but I'm weary. I was only on page 31 at 3pm when I had my doctor appointments. I came home and read, and read, and read, and read some more. I stopped for Frasier at 6:30 and indulged in Two and a half men, but then off the TeeVee went, back to the book.

I just finished. Someday I will own this book. For now, I want everyone else to READ it. Because this is a book that you could talk about with good friends for years to come. Remember when Lottie? Remember the Snow Ball dance?

Not even the din of the 2nd floor misses pounding nails into every single wall swayed me from my retreat into the tiny town that is Eudora.

I can't even begin to describe it, except to say that it is a book just like me.

Risky and funny, and with great taste in food.

If you liked the Stone Gap books, you'll love this.

I'm sure I was supposed to be doing something more spiritual as I prepare this week for Easter...

(Oh, Mom's candy and Easter grass arrived today--with a box of Samoas!! Some lucky neighbors are going to help me share them...)

Off to play some more Scramble--one of my friends keeps trouncing me...


daysgoby said...

Okay, I've inter-libraried it...Great timing! I've been looking for a new book!

Sarah Louise said...


KitchenKiki said...

not in my library system yet

Amy A. said...

Okay, I'm going to find it.

Sarah O. said...

Why, thank you for the birthday greeting! I'll remember yours November 28th!

You're a good egg.

MThebo said...

I'm so grateful for your kind review...or your instruction! I have the best readers in the world!

I thought you'd want to be one of the first to know that there will be a new Eudora novel this spring. It's called The Corner Booth Chronicles.

Eudorans think they've put their racial tensions behind them, but as a normal summer of relationship woes, farming troubles and stifling heat unfolds, resentments are also simmering. And these resentments are threatening Mark Ramirez and Janey Lane's wedding...which needs to happen fairly quickly!

It's another gentle tale of love, witchcraft and corporate exploitation, all set in the middle of...well...nowhere. I sure hope you like it.

All the best (and thanks again)
Mimi Thebo